The 10 Best Black Lipsticks to Channel Your Inner Goth

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Normally, people prefer using lipstick shades that are too common or have been accepted by society, such as nude, pink, or matte brown. But have ever you thought about wearing a rogue or black? Well, if you have, you deserve an appreciation for thinking so bold because head-turning black lipstick looks with an element of bewitching appeal are not for the faint of heart.

Going for hard-colored black shades can be tricky but make sure you always choose a brand that offers lipsticks made on long-lasting and hydrating formula.

Why should you choose black lipsticks?

  • If it is Halloween time, nothing can beat the look of a classic dark lip. The black lipstick can step up your spooky game
  • Want to show your inner goth, black side? Wear a black lip color and rock it
  • The inky dark lip never loses its cool factor
  • Keep your personality unique, different from the crowd

Top 10 black lipsticks that are not intimidating when you need to channel the edgy beauty

Now, the question is HOW exactly can you manage to get the best black lipstick look with such a delicate shade. Well, the most important things to remember are:

  • Do not overdo your makeup and prefer keeping a simple or light neutral makeup
  • Never forget to have a quick swipe of mascara
  • Wear a thin, winged eye-liner
  • Always use black lip liner to outline your lips, first
  • Have a little touch of a blush-on to make your cheeks glow

Here are the top 10 shades of Black Lipsticks from which we were unable to take our eyes off.

Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Witches

The eccentric array of shades

Kat Von D


You must have gotten the idea of how bewitching it looks it will bring to your style by its name “in witches”. It is top-ranked and the most fan-favorite lipstick as it comes with a brilliant moisturizing formula. With its fantabulous range of 45 true black color lipsticks, you can choose any to get the supremely witchy touch. Once brushed lips will take you through the day with its liquid formula.

The major ingredients are vitamin E and sunflower seed wax making it suitable for all. It doesn’t budge even if it is high-pigmented and can be layered with other darker shades as it seems easier to apply.

MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick in Oh So Noir

Long-lasting staying power

Wet n’ Wild


Do you need black lipsticks that will stay longer than you can imagine? This is your solution. With its Catwoman vibes, you will feel how buttery-smooth touch it gives to your lips. This black liquid lipstick doesn’t budge and is definitely the blackest of black.

Even if you are a nude-lover, this shade will pull you to have a dark look! Being super-affordable, you would love its satin finish.

Vice Lipstick in Perversion

With a creamy butter blend

Urban Decay


Surprising but “The darker the lipstick, the better!” and you can get the darkest, prettiest, and boldest look with this best black lipstick. Its edgy color and hydrating formula give your lips a perfect dramatic look. It is easy to carry due to the sleekly packaged design.

It comes with an urban decay’s Pigment Infusion System, making it one of the top three recommended lipsticks. One of the best qualities is that it clings to lips without drying them out. One brush of this super-pigmented lipstick, and you are ready to go!

Color Sensational Lip Color in Pitch Black

The Smoothest lipstick with honey nectar formula

Maybelline New York


Not the fan of black liquid lipsticks but want the best quality black shade? Pick this one bringing creamy matte black lipstick touch with pure color pigments.

Glide it on and enjoy the feel of its velvety honey nectar formula. With an incredibly long staying power, do not worry about drinking or eating. It never leaves smudges or marks on the mug. It is an ideal starter shade for an inner goth show.

Guarantees an intense and vibrant color payoff.

Amuse Bouche Lipstick

The real deal–straight black–without the shine

Bite Beauty


Most people prefer using a matte black lipsticks shade, and it is the best lipstick to try. It has a black hue that can be mixed and matched with other dark shades. In short, this cult favorite is confidently a must-try. Get a dark-as-night look with no shine!

What characteristics make it the best choice? It is long-wearing, no-smudge, easy to apply, hydrating, and non-streaky lipstick that feels lightweight on the lips.

Artist Rouge Creme in ‘Black

Incredible color pay-off

Makeup forever


Are you trying to channel your inner elegant Black Beauty? This shiny black hue will look just fine giving you more of an artistic edge. As it brushes elegantly over the lips covering the edges smoothly, you can touch up whenever wherever needed. The best part is that it doesn’t make your lips feel overly dry

Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Alien

GH Beauty Lab-approved lipstick



Remember, having mistakes with black makeup can never be fun, only evil!

Choose this mess-free, waterproof and ideal for precise application NYX lipstick to get an eye-catching black lip on the very first to try. Made with an exceptional softening blend, it keeps your lips velvety moisturized with a single-glide coverage. It has a high-impact color blended with avocado and vitamin E to let you doll your lips in plush, creamy, perfection!

Cream Lip Stain in Night Bird

Super wearable for a new black lip look



The real highlights of this lipstick are its commitment to last longer with no smudge, no need for retouches, fair price, and silky-smooth glide. The use of the signature formula makes it the smoothest and featherlight choice.

The main ingredient is avocado guaranteeing hydration and moisture leaving no flakes or unnecessary dryness. This versatile lip color stays for almost 12-hour, needing no re-touches.

Rouge à Lèvres Satin in Crystal Black

Show-stopping black lipstick



Once used, you will never want to wear other black lipsticks. Due to its special luxurious and creamy formula, it offers an incomparable intensely saturated look. But, that is not all you will love. You would be amazed how it strategically melts over your lips to give a sleek, satin-smooth, softer, and alluring look. But wait, it has its punch of pigment making it last longer leaving no streak/

Rouge Dior Ultra Rouge Lipstick in Ultra Night

Give your lips more plump and dimension



If you are willing to spend money, then you must go for the Dior black lipstick collection with the luxe matte finesse. Promised to stay for longer, it keeps your look rejuvenating even after 12 hours. To feel lavish, look no further than this liquid lip tint. With its single-dose applicator, it feels like a breeze brushing the lips.

It is not patchy at all. The perfectly balanced composition of mineral wax, ultra-fine powders, and oils!

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