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The 8 Best Acrylic Nails Kits of 2022

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If you are thinking of bringing a salon to your home, you can do it with creativity and authentic products. If you are thinking at-home manicures are boring, then necessarily they don’t have to be! There is never a wrong time to play with gel polishes, powder kits, and even acrylics. 

But why are acrylics recommended for nail artwork? First, they can offer a strong coating ultimately protecting the weak nail from breaking or cracking. Second, you can have them in a versatile range of colors. And third, you can use your creativity to add charm to your style.

Wait up! Are you ready to give a genuine acrylic nail kit a chance? Before you dive in, let’s find an acrylic nail kit that possesses all the qualities and wide-ranging items to get an exotic nail artwork.

Dipping Powders Essentials Kit

Made by professionals for professionals 

Kiara Sky


  • Time-efficient as it has a shorter application time
  • No pungent smell
  • Professionally formulated
  • All-inclusive Dipping powder kit
  • Lightweight set
  • No harsh chemicals 
  • No nail paint discoloration or fading

Do you know it is considered an ideal Acrylic Nail Kit for Professional Salon use? Because it has all genuinely and carefully made odorless products. This is one of the leading brands that is bringing quick and easy application resulting in gorgeously painted nails. The powder kit is marvelously loaded to let you have creative dip styles in no time. It has special formulas to keep your nail paint from chipping away. Consider this professional acrylic nail kit a one-stop-shop for a long-lasting dip powder manicure!

Cons: Pricey

Poly Extension Gel Nail Kit

Ideal for the beginners



  • LED poly gel press-on extensions
  • Low odor formula
  • Time-efficient 
  • Toxin-Free Ingredients
  • Long-Lasting color
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy-to-use nail drill machine
  • Available in 6 shades 
  • Non-yellowing and superior adhesion

The key appeal is its LED poly gel press-on extensions to give your nails a long and sleek look. Once you start using an acrylic nail kit, you will admire it for letting you mold the nails the way you want. This kit seems a perfect pick for a French manicure. Gel extensions are provided in bright white, pinks, and nude shades. Healthy and Natural are what this kit better defines. No skin-damaging adhesives make it a good choice.

Cons: May cause a skin allergic reaction

  • Xpress Dip Color Kit

Dip your way to gorgeous nails with no mess or gummy brushes



  • Built-in activator
  • Quick application time
  • Advanced and safe formulas
  • Easy to understand instructions
  • Added Calcium 
  • Biotin infused color powders
  • Eliminate brush hardening in dip

Running short on time to get the nails done? Get yourself a Gelish kit to get beautiful nails at an affordable price in no time. Even if you don’t know much about nail extensions, it will save your time and cost while guaranteeing appealing nail shape and paint. It has everything you need to do a full manicure. Try following the instructions for a better result. It leaves a smooth finesse. The pack has 100ct Lint-Free Wipes, as well.

Cons: Expensive

Nail Art Kit

42 in 1 expansive acrylic nail set



  • Broader color options
  • Value for money
  • Stylish kit
  • It is easier to achieve a professional-looking nail artwork
  • 3 basic and original acrylic powder
  • Rhinestones and other basic nail art decoration equipment
  • Extensive equipment of high quality

The most refined and Advanced Acrylic Nail Kit will give you a delightful experience of a professional acrylic powder manicure. There is not one but many reasons for this brand to become the Walmart top-seller. Its high-quality advanced acrylic nail kit materials guarantee long-lasting sparkle nail tips.

Need to try different colors and nail designs? Get yourself this kit that also has glitter options.

Cons: Glue is dangerous

42 in 1 Acrylic Nail Kit 

Makes a perfect gift for special occasions!



  • Chip-resistant
  • Wide color selection
  • Acrylic powder liquid set
  • Bubble free polymers acrylic powder 
  • Gives extraordinary clarity and flawless shine 
  • Non-yellowing acrylic liquid 
  • Fantastic adhesion 
  • Tons of colors, glitters, and sequins
  • A reasonable price

A perfect option if you want to get stylish nail art. The top-quality kit essentials ensure long-lasting finesse. Made to provide fanciful nail art accessories, it is the most useful tool. Even if you are an experienced nail technician or a DIY nail starter lover; it will get along with your taste. An exquisite and comprehensive package designed for a wife, mother, and girlfriend. 

Professional Acrylic Nail Kit 

Get salon-quality nails in the comfort of your own home

Mia Secret 


  • Comes with a complimentary temporary tattoo
  • Top-quality Nail filer
  • High-quality packaging
  • Easy to use
  • Liquid monomer
  • No-burn acid-free primer
  • Full set of sturdy false nails
  • Free Temporary Body Tattoo

Afraid of catching a virus so not planning to go to a salon anytime soon? You might like to do your nails yourself. And this acrylic nail kit is a great way to begin. Bringing the manicure comfort to the home. The set has a buffer, brush, nails, gel, and more. The powder brings perfect consistency with strong adhesion. Kit helps you mold the nails in whatever shape you want. 

Cons: The brush differs in reality from the picture. Less monomer to clean the brush

42 in 1 Nail Art Set 

Everything you want in your at-home acrylic nail kit



  • Suitable for French nails 
  • Affordably priced kit
  • Long-wearing sparkling nail tips
  • Fully packed kit
  • Wide range of soft-tip brushes 
  • Variety of durable polymer powder. 

With a variety of simple colors, all you need is a slight slew of glitters to get a glamorous touch. Feel free to create any design with this expansive set. With impressive quality and materials, it keeps your nail safe from getting chipped away. The easy application guarantees color clarity. No harsh chemicals are used to avoid the dulling of the nails.

Gel Nail Polish Kit with UV Light LED UV Nail Dryer

Super-premium nail polish kit


CDN$ 49.99

  • 36W LED lamp
  • An extensive nail art equipment collection
  • 10 Colors gel nail polish
  • Pocket friendly
  • The UV nail polish painting
  • Long-wearing
  • Strong fake nails
  • Efficient, safe, and convenient
  • High-quality natural resin
  • Nail healthy ingredients
  • Low odor
  • Eco-friendly

Consider it a smart investment as you will not be disappointed with its quality service. The result will be professional nail art just like you can get from a nail salon. This gel nail polish kit comprises everything you would be needing to design your nails. The set is made to craft your nails faster and odorless. Delivered in top-quality premium packaging, it packs quite the punchy equipment. Welcomed to enjoy your stylish nail art journey!

Cons: Pricier. Might not be ideal for beginners

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