The Best Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for All Hair Types

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It would not be wrong to say that everyone has experimented at least for once with their haircut and regretted it. But as of 2021, getting a new haircut with bangs is trending, and it is definitely not a bad choice.  

Well, if you have been disappointed with the result of your bangs once, this time you will not because we are bringing you the top best ways that you can choose to style your bangs.

We agree with those who say styling bangs is tricky and demand quite a bit of upkeep. But you can maintain it by cutting them to an effortless length and often trimming.

What Are Curtain Bangs?

Discussing the curtain bangs, you must know what exactly they are and how they look. Famous hairstyle of the 60s and 70s, now it has been revived for a soft and subtle look with longer or shorter side fringes to have a lived-in styling.

Just like the curtain, the bangs which are split or separated from the middle, no matter what the length, bordering the face outline is called curtain bangs.

How to Cut Curtain Bangs

  • Explaining the way to cut the bangs in the easiest steps:
  • Wash your hair and when dried, split them from the middle
  • Use a thin comb and mark a triangular section of the hair on the front
  •  Tie the rest of your hair tightly
  • With hairdressing scissors make a diagonal cut to have a short-lengthen fringe from the center and longer at the sides
  • To remove the bulk, the ends should be cut vertically
  • Now add texture to the hair as per your hair type

VIOLA! You’re done with Curtain Bangs.

How to Style Curtain Bangs

As we have explained how easy it is to cut the bangs, now we can move to the discussion where we will be telling and showing you the trendy hairstyles made with the bangs, long or short, curly or wavy, straight or shaggy.

Find a perfect inspo shot for yourself!

Curly Curtain Bangs

If you are thinking that curls can never be styled with bangs, then you are on the wrong path, girl! Curtain fringe bangs with curls are simply an amazing choice for any type and length.

Do you know what looks best? Longer face-framing bangs with natural curls. With bangs, you will be able to style your curls in a variety of impressive shapes. Imagine having long fringes complimenting the gradual layers on 4A curls. What a gorgeous combo!

Feathered bangs

Have your bangs grown out? Not a problem!

The best way to keep your long fringes away from the face while keeping the trendy look is “feathered bangs”. Pick a hot round brush, lift the fringes, and set them at the place with a spray or gel.

Do you like tied-up hair? Pull the top half and make a messy bun. Or go for a high ponytail. For a subtle yet stylish look, braid your hair and pick your curtain bangs out to keep the softness to this forever classic style.

Wispy Curtain Bangs

Are you a fan of Olsen? If yes, then you must have been inspired by her wispy curtain bangs. A prime example of easy-looking bangs for the ones who are trying the first time. With a few wispy, temple-length pieces, you can look stunning. To keep the chic style, tie your hair into a messy bun.

Prefer ponytail? Take out some longer side pieces and frame them around the face. As far as length is concerned, mid-length waves with a wispy fringe are definitely a go-to style for a date night or a professional meeting.

Tousled Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs Hairstyles

Need a winning look for your growing out full, blunt bangs? Yes, there is a solution to avoid awkward grow-out phases by getting tousled curtain bangs. Helps eliminate the excess weight of your hair.

Do not forget to use a good quality texturizing spray to achieve this classy style. It will work even if you have fine strands.

Widespread Curtain Bangs

The curtain bangs can be styled better if they are kept widespread instead of parting them from the middle or sliding them on one side. It will work best for the girls with a bigger forehead.

Leaving the fringe around the forehead outline brings decency and sophistication. For a quirky, laid-back look, wear it with a messy bun. Might be one of the perfect ways to wear your curtain bangs!

Relaxed Curtain Bangs

Best goes for the coarser hair type!

Having thick and rigid hair can also be styled with bangs as they are easier to style and to hold the fringes in place for a longer time.

Style your relaxed curls, put on a cute pink ribbon, and leave the fringes at the edge of the forehead line. A look that is beyond sweet!

Voluminous Curtain Bangs

Styling thick hair can be a big problem but if you have chosen curtain bangs you will be getting ultra-heavy curtain bangs. And, with this much volume, you will absolutely be making a glamour statement look.

They can be thinned out, but we will prefer you to keep the volume and rock the style. Do you know why? Because cool girl bang style looks even cooler if you have voluminous hair!

Subtle Wave Curtain Bangs

Want to lift your style for a party? What else can go better than soft, wavy curtain bangs?

Consider this style a complete and final touch up for an instant updo. With wavy bangs, you can curl your side fringes hard to give a refining touch. Short bangs with wavy hair go hand-in-hand as the effortless fringe style there is.

Shaggy Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs and the shag make quite the pairing. One of the trends popping up on social media! It will perfectly complement your long, short, or mid-length fringes. If you really need to give yourself a unique retro vibe, look no further and style heavily layered or light mid-length cuts with shaggy bangs.

Ambiguous Curtain Bangs

Well, it might sound surprising but having irregular and not-so-smooth curtain bangs can go a long way!

Or we can say, instead of showing bangs in an obvious cut, you can wave your way out by curling or waving your hair from the front to hide the bangs behind. It will be a sensible choice of hairstyle if you’re in the phase of growing the bangs or fringes out.

Short Curtain Bangs

Are you scared of trying the bangs for the first time? Do you think you will not look good? The solution is to go short on bangs! Get a cut to have the short fringes letting you enjoy an eyebrow-skimming look.

Another perk of having shorter length bangs is that you can easily switch between a full fringe and curtains bangs.

Long Curtain Bangs

Getting late for an event because you don’t know how to style your long hair is nothing surprising. Long hair can effortlessly look weighed down particularly for a girl with straight and thin strands.

But what can be the final touch that could bring the elegance out? Curtain bangs! Add a subtle texture to your hair. You can tie it up to draw attention to your face.

Curtain Bang Pixie and Bang Bob

Bang pixie Simply explained as a close-crop cut blends brilliantly with longer front fringes.

Tired of long hair but not sure what should suit you? How about trying curtain bags with bob? It will look flawless especially if you have naturally wavy hair. And everyone knows, the bob trend is not going anywhere soon!

Side-Brushed Curtain Bangs

Another option that is not only easy to carry but brings the style out is cutting bangs reaching under the lower lash line. Don’t think like we are going to blind you!

Once cut, sweep them to one side, and Viola!

Perfect for fine, straight hair. And if you want a Halloween party or bedhead look? Keep your bangs messy and tousled.

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