The Resident Season 4 Rating & Reviews

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If you have seen Grey’s Anatomy, then you can guess many similarities between this and The Resident series. This is proof that medical dramas are broadly liked and appreciated by binge-watchers. And here it comes another wildly popular medical television series. It has gained fame pretty quickly. Now, it has a very loyal, all-time excited, and devoted fanbase.

The Resident is presented by the Fox drama centers. It is based on the story of the doctors, nurses, and the associated staff. Everyone who is working at the Chastain Memorial Park Hospital along with all the patients. No drama is complete without a romantic touch. And you can enjoy watching the on-and-off relationship of nurse practitioner Nicolette “Nic” Nevin with chief resident Conrad Hawkins.

The last season was the fourth that ends giving the hint about finishing it making the fans wonder about the future of the series!

Starring cast

  • CEO Dr. Randolph Bell played by Greenwood
  • Surgical resident Mina Okafor played by Wilson
  • Cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. AJ Austin played by Warner
  • Orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Kit Voss played by Leeves
  • Neurosurgeon Dr. Barrett Cain played by Chestnut
  • Senior internist Conrad Hawkins played by Zuchry
  • Internist Devon Pravesh played by Dayal
  • The nurse practitioner Nicolette Nevin played by VanCamp

What The Resident series is about?

First, you need to know that it is a medical drama, filmed on a hospital set named Chastain Memorial Hospital where a group of doctors can be seen managing the daily life struggles. The show revolves around the personal and career problems that have been faced by the doctors and staff along with patients.

The second most important thing to know is their motto that is “Committed to excellence”. Well, apparently the show is not perfect. Probably, portraying the concept that a human is flawed and can make mistakes. Majorly, it is based on the story of an idealistic young doctor. He was taken under the supervision of a strict, talented senior resident. The reason for having so rough and tough behavior is his motive. And the motive says “Lives may be saved or lost, but expectations will always be shattered”.

There is no doubt that the story is not only well-written but also well-executed on the screen. And, don’t think so shooting a medical drama will ever get easier. It provides some most brilliant television cinematics. It means, their skilled production team is very smart to exactly know how to pull your heartstrings. It is aired on FOX in the United States. The acting performances are brilliant. The drama, every season is loaded with sweet and bitter, happy and sad, aggressive and emotional moments. You just couldn’t resist loving the sweetest figurine collection named Henry. The Czuchry’s emotions seem absolutely natural. That is the reason for developing a direct heart-to-heart connection.

The Resident Season 4

On the opening scene of The Resident season 4, which premiered on Tuesday, Jan. 12, you can guess how thrilling, lovely and amazing the season is going to be!

The first thing you will be going to watch is the wedding preparations for Conrad and Nic who are finally getting ready to be married, soon. Apart from the happy side, you can see the horribly saddening flashbacks of the early days of the COVID crisis. It shows the doctors fought back with heroism while the virus took a toll on everyone. It would not be wrong to say that the sickness of Kit Voss and the death of Devon’s father are highly tragic moments.

In the present scene of The Resident season 4 where the wedding ceremony is going on, AJ tells everyone that he has feelings for Mina and that is why he broke up with Andrea. Moreover, the drama series is fueled by stressful family problems. Such as, Dr. Randolph Bell has been seen looking for an opportunity to repair his relationship with Dr. Jake Wong, his stepson.

Another main event that happens in the fourth season is the transitioning of Chastain from private to public hospital. Why? To expand the team of skilled doctors to carry out world-class surgeries.

In short, The Resident season 4 seems pretty captivating and troublesome for every character as we can see…

Chastain being ripped to pieces due to mental stress, Doctors and surgeons are transitioning to help as much as people possible whereas the patients are freaking out.

Will The Resident be canceled or renewed for season five? Stay tuned.

Is there anyone who wants this drama to end? Probably not!

But, if you are curious to know whether season 5 is going to be aired or not, then you must know that the ratings are the standard that is generally considered the best indication for a series’ chances of staying on the air. It means, the higher the ratings, the better the chances for survival!

And the rating The Resident season 4 seems to be high and satisfactory giving the possibility of the next season. So, be ready!

Besides, in the season finale, no surety has been provided about the strong partnership and romance between Nic and Conrad. The season has left many stories incomplete and that means the show is not going down, anytime soon!

But, hold up!

The way the story is going, we must be ready to receive some bad news of death and that could be ANYONE! Pretty sad! Or else, the possibility of the character to be exited seems imminent, as well.

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