The Ultimate Sandbag Workout You Need to Try Right Now

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Something you need to do if you really want to put some weight on your muscles is “Sandbag workout”. Yes, it is one of the ultimate, safest, and most feasible ways to gain muscles, tone up the body and lose fat.

We agree with those who think the sand workout is the most challenging exercise and the most difficult thing is figuring out how to program it so you get the muscular body rightly and timely instead of getting all fatigued.

Sandbag workout

So, how exactly can you achieve your goal, your ideal body, your dream figure with a sand workout? Well, the very first tip to perform the sand workout perfectly is… move speedily through the movements without any break. Why? Handling sandbags can be a real tough due to the fluid nature of sand making the bag unevenly weighted.

If you think sandbags will not give you a harder time than dumbbells or barbells, you are wrong!

Besides, you must follow the schedule and keep adding the weight by 20 pounds to the sandbag every while it will help you gain momentum while sustaining weight and muscle gain. And YES, it is suitable for both, men and women. You can do it at home or gym. So many perks! But could be the major reasons for choosing a sandbag workout or training?

Reasons why Sandbag workout Is Awesome

  • An affordable workout
  • Easy accessibility
  • Can be performed anywhere
  • It makes your inside core strength rather than just make you look awesome
  • Compliments Other exercises
  • Makes your body rocky
  • Can be done with a variety of training exercises
  • Increase your endurance

As we have already highlighted the important aspects and main reasons to start the sand workout right away, now is the time to see how possibly easy and facilitated the plan can get.



Before starting an extensive sand workout, you need a little bit of initial training especially if you are a newbie. Or else, it can get really frustrating.

The Warmup

The first step is always the most important and it goes without saying BUT warming up your body makes you exercise longer. The best way to warm up is doing 3 rounds of 4 sandbag back squats, 8 pushups, 8 sit-ups, and an instep stretch while using a 60-pound sandbag.

Sounds tough? Well, it is just the start!

The Workout

Do you know what has been proved as the most sensible approach for a sandbag workout? Always remember every circuit/cycle must be done in three steps.

  • First: use the sandbag
  • Second: perform bodyweight exercises or lift weights
  • Third: do stretching and skip the pre-workout stretch

You must be thinking WHY stretching.

Well, as the weightlifting trainers and gym experts say, alternating stretching accompanied with the strength and cardio exercises helps you uphold the body form as you move through cycles. One of the many reasons!

Another reason is that stretching is considered a source of active muscle and energy recovery. And the very last advantage is no post-stretch is required.

Now, continue reading the article if you want to know what exercises you must include and how while planning out a sand workout.

Below, we have designed out three circuits comprising all three steps for the best sandbag workout routine and explaining how to perform them well.


Sandbag Clean & Press – Stand feet hip-width apart, grip sandbag handles placed in front of you, and clean it as you would a barbell. Push the bag upwards with the force gathered through legs and glutes. Flip it over in the air and catch the bag when reaches the upper-chest level. Ends the step with landing in a shallow squat. With soft-knee force, stand up and press bag overhead. Drop it from full extension to the ground.

Burpee – Do at least 2 reps

Hip Flexor Stretch – Once you have stretched down the back of your legs completely, switch sides. The recommended time is a minimum of 30 to 60 seconds for the stretch of each side.


Sandbag Walking Lunge – Stand with feet hip-width apart, place the sandbag in front. Go for the handles, grab them and clean the bag to your chest followed by an overhead press. Put the bag on your shoulders right behind your neck and take a breather. 

Remember to maintain the body form by keeping a torso upright. Now, lunge forward with a right foot until the left knee touches the floor. Stand and repeat with the other leg (left foot and right knee). Do 5 reps minimum.

Jumping Lunge – Complete 2 reps

Pigeon Stretch – Start from a high plank position. Now, try drawing your right knee forward, placing it between your hands, and lightly put it on the ground behind your right hand, right leg casting across the torso. Dropping the back leg, you need to place elbows on the ground. Feeling a deep stretch in the right hip? Perfect!

Repeat on the left side. Perform the stretching for 30 to 60 seconds for each side.


Sandbag Get up – Stand with feet hip-width apart with the sandbag placed on the ground in the front. Place the bag over your chest, let it rest on your right shoulder. While sitting on your butt, lie down on the ground on your back with the workout sandbag resting on your shoulder. Stand up with the force of arms and legs. Done! 

Now repeat by switching the workout sandbag to the other shoulder. Do 6 reps.

Sandbag Run – Clean the bag to your chest (see Move 1), then rest it on your shoulder. Brace core and run across the gym floor, outdoors, or on a treadmill. Run 200 meters.

Best exercises to do with a sandbag

  • Forward lunge with wood chop
  • Reverse lunge with good morning
  • Side lunge with front raise
  • Curtsy lunge with hammer curl 
  • Single-leg deadlift with row 
  • Deadlift with squat 
  • Burpee with snatch 
  • Lateral pull with spider 
  • Russian twist with toss 


It is better to take a day off before starting a new sandbag workout. Each workout needs a new level of endurance that can be met only if you take proper rest. Make sure you warm up thoroughly first.

The aim should always be building up slowly towards full intensity with all the new exercises or activities. The reason is first, it will provide you the opportunity to learn new and fresh body movements that help to preserve the quality of your workout.

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