Thick Thighs | Song by Priscilla Block

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Ever heard of Priscilla Block? If not, then now you must because it would be so wrong to not listen to this song. And the star who wrote this brilliantly motivational song for the girls facing backlash for their excessive weights is none other than Priscilla Block.

Thick thighs – A song to fight against body shaming

We can call this song the honest new single released in 2020 on 6th November and official music video being premiered on YouTube. In the song’s video, Priscilla Block is clearly teaching people how to talk and compliment girls with thick thighs instead of passing sarcastic and discouraging comments. The video is directed by Logen Christopher. With the promotion of her song, she has been seen sharing a message of body positivity along with ending the heart-wrenching discussion on women’s weight.

Although it has the touch of an amusing tune, despite humor, the song has preached body positivity pretty well. Truly speaking, it is so entertaining to listen to. All the women with thick thighs will agree to its brutal honesty. The talent of pushing honesty to a whole new level is really what Block has in herself. She is definitely brave enough to look to the insecurities in the face and make fun.

If we sum up, “Thick Thighs” is just an unapologetic anthem dedicated to the real-life wonder women who are embracing or are ready to embrace their body shapes, sizes, and looks. And, we all can relate to, can’t we? Because, no matter where you go, there will be social norms and standards to judge women on their sizes only. At some stage of life, we all have faced the struggle of fitting in a box. But, many of us are a little too round to fit inside the standard box and that should be made ACCEPTABLE.

Starting with a fiery upbeat feeling, the song picturised the girls (Block with her friends) working out in a gym, all dressed in vibrant gym clothing. But, it clearly portrays how begrudgingly they are exercising in the class. And then, BOOOM! The world changes and they head to a fun and enjoyable pool party. Watching only their dance moves will make your day, really!

If we come to its lyrics, the writing is a mixed bag that makes it an instant classic. A blend of old-custom potential mixed with the typical clichés! Once you start watching it, you would start liking the way every word explains the story of the fatty girls. The overall cinematics is also a classic case.

Have you lost your confidence? Have people’s mean comments have shattered your motivation? Or, are you celebrating your perfect body either it has thick thighs or a thick face? It is your time to dance to this song, “Thick Thighs”. It must be on your playlist as it holds the honest approach like no other song. It is pretty impressive how she lightheartedly sends a much-needed message about accepting one’s self!

Most famous chorus

We assume, you have guessed it already but even if you have not, we got the answer below:

“I can’t be the only one who likes extra fries over exercise, I never eat the produce that I buy, so why even try / You can’t spell diet without die, I’ve been eating carbs since ’95, and I heard thick thighs save lives,”

Yes, which are the lyrics that have gone beyond! Do not believe us? You can check the number of the pictures posted by the fatty women with thick thighs hashtags and use these lines as the caption. No offense but this chorus is absolutely right!

About Priscilla Block

We know that the song has become the voice of many women who are on their journey of losing weight or struggling with self-criticism, but who really made it? Block, who got instant fame because of her TikTok video that went viral on all media platforms.

For those who don’t know, Priscilla Block’s debut single was “Just About Over You,” which you can listen to on country radio now! Getting mainstream attention was a great deal for her and gave her a big break. It got her a massive record deal with Mercury Nashville. Who could have imagined!?

After the release of the famous “Thick Thighs”, she again made a song solely dedicated to women. The song called “PMS” is also based on a humorous theme. She has the ability to resonate with fans.

What did she say about her song?

Do you want to know what she says about her songs? Well, it goes without saying but she is a real supporter of women, a real hero for all the women who are scared to show their body because of weight. In an interview, she explained her feelings and thoughts saying:

“I hope that this video makes you know that you are MORE than enough,” says Priscilla. “I spent so many years of my life, nitpicking every part of my body. I’m the girl that has tried and failed every single diet out there… ESPECIALLY THROUGH QUARANTINE!! One thing I know is that life is short. Eat the damn fries… wear the bikini… and twerk in the kiddie pools!”

Just like her song, Priscilla is a whole unfiltered and unapologetic person with a shit load of confidence. With her honest approach to life, she has brought a revolution to the music and songwriting industry.

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