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Tips on Dressing Up Your Home with Black Curtains

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Choosing the right colour for your living room is crucial, and so does styling it!

Black, undoubtedly a perfect colour to add bold style to your room, but pairing the right colour with black in your interior design can be difficult.

In dressing up your room using black curtains, you should consider different factors like the size of the room, windows, and even the light coming from the windows. Also, you need to know which colours to combine with black. Adding different colours with black sheer curtains will give a more stylish look.

Are you looking for important tips to dress up your home with black curtains? 

Here we’ve shared a quick guide on styling your room with blackout curtains or short black curtains.

Let’s dive in,

Use Shades & Blinds with Black Curtains

Black curtains can amazingly enhance the beauty of your room, and when paired with blinds and shades, it will not only look perfect but also protects your furniture and room from UV rays and sun damage.

Shades and blinds are available in different colours and styles. But, whenever you’re going to pair shades & blinds with black curtains, make sure both should not be printed. It means it’s better to pair solids with prints. This pairing not only adds a style statement to your room but can also make your room look wide if it’s small.

Use Lights with Black curtains

Adding lights to your black curtains can dramatically make a perfect style statement. There are different light styles available, like fairy lights.

It can give a cosy and mesmerizing look to your room. In addition to fairy lights, consider using small mirrors or lights with valence edges. No doubt, when black curtains are coupled with lights, they can give aesthetic beauty to your room and be considered as one of the major contemporary living room styles.

Master the Space

While choosing black curtains, do consider the available space in the room or home. Black curtains make a striking style statement and may not be a suitable option for small living rooms.

So, if you have roomy and enough spacious bedrooms, dining & living rooms, you can style them using black curtains. They look more vibrant in airy places, and you can even use them to cover up spaces in a large living room. You can either use solid or pattern curtains in your living room that will regulate easy ventilation.

Add Edging & Trim to Curtains

Another way to master the black curtain dressing-up style is by adding edging and trim to your curtains. The decorative trims can dress up your curtains in a stunning way and give a perfect custom designer look.

You can add designer trim or vibrant ribbons to each curtain panel and edge. Pair right trim and ribbons styles with black curtains to revamp your living room style.

Colorful Valances and Drapes

Why not play with colourful valances with your black curtains? Such pairing is surely a great styling idea. Dark curtains with dark valances may make your style game dull and boring.

You can use colourful pattern valances over your black curtain. Go adding ribbons, unique bows, or vibrant lacey overlays to make up trendy styles.

3 Things to consider while choosing Dark Curtains

If you have made up your mind to invest in black curtains, then some important points need to be considered before you make your final purchase. There are various factors like price, quality, durability where some of these are discussed here,

Fabric Quality

As mentioned earlier, black curtains provide protection from sun and UV lights. Better fabric quality serves better protection. Light or damaging rays will not easily penetrate from the high-quality material.

So, make sure to buy high-quality fabric for your curtains that offers light blocking protection and prevents your furniture from damages. Mostly, Polyester is considered the right fabric that supplements good sun protection.  


Colour is another important point to consider before buying curtains for your home. There are different shades available that vary from dark to solid grey, navy, black, and graphite colour. Make sure to choose the right colour according to your room and furniture.

Dark curtains keep other things light; otherwise, they will give your room a dark and dull look.

Maintenance of the Fabric

Your curtains need proper maintenance and care, so they can last long without getting worn out. Some fabrics like Polyester can easily wash in a machine at normal temperature, while some materials need proper maintenance and require proper dry cleaning. Consider reading proper instructions before buying any fabric.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Black Curtains


  • Black curtains provide sun protection and block UV rays & light from penetrating
  • Offers striking and bold style statements for your room that draw people’s attention
  • You have plenty of available options to pair with different patterns
  • It can make your spacious room look cozier
  • The right choice to cover small windows
  • The best way of saving energy


  • Not suitable for small rooms
  • You need to keep things light with dark curtains
  • Requires extra accessories like ribbons and trims to style
  • It makes your room look darker.


We hope you liked this article and it helped you in the interior design of your home using blackout curtains. These tips will not only decorate your home but also can extraordinarily transform your home attire. We’ll continue providing detailed topics that can help you to style your rooms with a variety of blackout curtains.

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