Todd Spiewak Biography, Wiki, Height, Age, Boyfriend & More

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Half of the people do not know who Todd Spiewak is and half of the people know him only because of his renowned husband who has been starred in the Big Bang Theory, called Jim Parsons. They have been married since 2017.

So, who is Todd Spiewak really? Born on the 19th of January in 1977, he is one of the most successful graphic designers. He is not only a designer but also a talented film producer, and art director. He is appreciated for working with world-famous brands such as American Express, The New York Times, Branes and Nobel, etc. With the expertise of his level, he is surprisingly humble.

Speaking about this 44years old man outlook, he is notable for having a slim and smart body, dark brown eyes, and sleek short dark brown hair. Everyone knows how private a person he is, so no one knows his exact height and weight but seems shorter than Jim. We can say, Todd Spiewak is a dark horse spending life like a secret!

Todd Spiewak Net worth

Like we have mentioned earlier, he likes to keep the personal and professional life private, we do not know his accurate net worth. But we all can agree on one thing that he is one of a kind personality in Hollywood with grand fame and expensive repute.

As he has excelled in his career, he also has amassed quite a fortune. After putting in a real effort, we can confidently say that his net worth is predictable to be approx. $7 million. WHOA! He is definitely a man who is worth millions!

Early years of life

Going back to his infancy and childhood, he was born in the USA to a Christian family. Since his early childhood days, he seemed to be highly interested in arts and especially attracted to artistic work. Raised in Boston, he completed his education and spent a happy stable life with his family.

As far as his sun sign is concerned, he is known to be Capricorn. Well, we all know Capricorns are destined to be lucky!

What is his Education status?

He has completed his high school education at a local institute but as he was brilliant in learning, he got admission to Boston University from where he got his degree of Bachelors in Fine Arts in 1999.

Being specialized in graphic design, Todd Spiewak decided to relocate to NY to try his luck. All we can say is, he is an amazing individual with artistic ambitions!

Hobbies, Like & Dislike

  • In an interview, he revealed that his favorite actor is his husband Jim Parsons
  • He is a big fan of Taraji P. Henson work
  • He usually prefers wearing black clothes as dark shades are his jam
  • He loves to eat pizza
  • His all-time favorite movie is “The Boys in the Band”
  • As far as his hobbies and preferences are related, he likes singing and knows how to. One more talent, indeed!
  • He is a big tennis fan

All you need to know about his Professional life

Once he completed his diploma, he immediately started working as an artist. Starting from a small step of being a freelance artist, now he has been working as an art director for internationally respected fortune clients, for instance, American Express, The New York Times, Branes, and Nobel, and the list continues. At the moment, he and his husband are working on their newly launched production company named Wonderful Production, LLC.

Truly speaking, we are glad that his hard work and patience finally paid off. Wait, that is not all he has done. Apart from being a director and designer, he is a well-known American actor. His famous works are:

  • A Kid Like Jake (written by Todd Spiewak in 2018 and produced by Jim)
  • Young Sheldon
  • First in Human: The Trials of Building 10
  • Young Sheldon
  • Last Chance Hospital
  • The Monarchy is Going to Sh*t

He has declared himself gay officially that makes him bold and strong. Currently, Todd Spiewak occupation is a movie producer, and he is also managing his company with the unconditional support of his husband.

Married life

Spiewak’s partner is a top-celebrated artist, and we all know who he is, The Big Bang Theory celeb, Jim. Todd started dating this handsome man in 2002. Oh my goodness, 14 years is really a long time but not for those who are loyal! It goes without saying but Todd Spiewak and Jim Parsons share a very strong bond.

Do you know when they make their big-screen first appearance officially? In 2013 at the 9th annual GLSEN Respect Awards conducted in LA’s Beverly Hills Hotel. The best part is their awards and appreciation they receive. The two awards they won:

  • An Inspiration Award
  • Bravo Otto-Hot Couple Award

Oh, wait! Yes, they are married and yes, they had a dream wedding at the luxurious venue “Rainbow Room”, located in Manhattan.

Assets, house, cars, lifestyle, and expenses

Todd Spiewak lives in a home with his husband in a posh NYC neighborhood, called Gramercy Park. In 2011, they bought a Manhattan penthouse worth $1.822 million. REALLY! And, that is not all they have. In 2012, Todd bought another luxurious apartment worth $2.825 million. MORE EXPENSIVE!

Ever heard about Feliz property? Well, it has one of the most pricey and lush apartments. Yes, you have guessed it right! Jim and Todd had it, but they sold it in 2019 for a whopping $6.95 million.

Are you ready to hear more about Todd’s extravagant mansion lifestyle apart from owning apartments? With Jim, he shares an unbelievable array of luxurious cars. The real highlights are:

  • Ford Mustang (worth $25,000)
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class (worth $149,000)

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