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Top trending men hairstyles and haircuts – A quick Guide for 2022

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Choosing any of the on-trend hairstyles and haircuts that will give you a flattering look, is definitely one of the toughest choices. Finding a haircut that will suit you is all dependent on your face cut, jawline, hair type, hair texture, and hair products you use.

Whether you want your hair short or long, in quiffs or undercuts, slicked back or buzzcuts, we are enlisting all the best male haircuts that must be on your radar.

Slick Pompadour

Don’t know how to manage your thinner tresses? There is no better choice than having a pompadour that could be a modern pompadour with a little touch of fade or can be slicked. If you have not tried a pompadour hairstyle, this is your year!

Ask your hairstylist to let the hair be left a bit longer on top and create a chic bulge.

Fade Haircut with Beard

One of the hairstyles that have been trending for ages and still will give you a young, modish look. With a cool textured top, be ready to get a subtle fade haircut. It looks best combined with a rugged-shaped beard.


Carried from the past year, the undercut is undoubtedly one of the trendiest and the hottest short hairstyles for men. The best part is that it can be paired with several looks. The best options are pompadours and quiffs. Well, if styled with fringes, it will look better, too.

Bro Flow

Are you a fan of long hair but don’t know how to keep them settled especially when going to official meetings? This is your ideal solution! Along with projecting a rugged look, it gives a sophisticated appearance.

Crew Cut

Another seriously fashionable choice for men of all ages. It is a forever classic style that is never going away anytime soon. If paired with faded sides, it will look fascinating. Another option is to go with a slightly longer Ivy League.

Semi-long and Slicked Back

Although it is one of the oldest hairstyles, still going strong. Perfect to get a dapper look mixed up with old, retro vibes. Slicked-back long hair is modern as well as a present-day desired option. Try keeping the top hair of medium length with a bit shorter sides.

Mid Fade

This hairstyle is not only stylish but gives a smart outlook to your whole outfit and beard. To get a standard fade look, there is nothing better than a mid-fade cut where the hair is transitioned from long to short around the temples.

Bonus: You can go for a drop fade version, where your hair fade falls away behind the ear making an arc cut.

Buzz Cut

Don’t like long hair, not a problem! The buzz cut is a stylish look to try especially in summers. It is best paired with an edgy beard cut. To refine your buzz cut, wear it with a pair of ripped jeans or a leather biker jacket. It might be an ideal way to take good care of the thinning hair issues, too.

Short Razored Cut

Nothing gives you a sharper and tense look better than slicing and texturizing the hair with a razor, particularly if you have thin hair. Keep the top hair justly short with shorter sides and back.

Faux Hawk

An excellent choice to get a fresh look that matches your casual dressing, rugged beard, and funky attitude. This haircut is also simple to carry.

Pro tip: Keep your faux hawk messy!

French Crop

The older haircut has seen a noteworthy revival, currently. It is made with short-length hair that is brushed forward on the top leaving a sense of small fringe upfront. It is best carried with voluminous hair with a messy texture touch.


If you think fringes are for women only, you are mistaken. Men with fringes on their mid-length hair do not look only on-trending but also chic and hot. But, make sure it is worn messily with plenty of texture.

Man Braids

Men and braids can never go out of style and that is the reason for its explosive popularity. Men with long hair, it is your year get some braid and rock the casual party look. You are welcomed to choose whatever you like, either the all-over braids or braided ponytails.

Short Fade and Side Sweep

Where fade cuts are the best on-trend look, no one can resist appreciating side sweep. And when combined one, it will look surprisingly amazing! Carry this striking haircut that looks clean and sharp. Perfect for the official parties. If you want your hair to be less, do this tricky style instead of getting your hair all thinned up.

Messy Waves

Imagining a man with a long cut, blonde shade and all with a messy waves texture sounds dreamy! One of the top men’s hairstyles apart from smooth and flat cuts, waves and messy curls go a long way. These eye-catching disheveled crops can be styled with versatility.

The Receding Hairline Haircut

You must have seen many celebrities with this wonderful hairstyle that goes along your hairline giving clean reelection to your face cut. Make the most out of the conspicuous widow’s peak by contrasting it with the side lengths. You can choose to bulge up the volume on the top or can keep it smooth. It is on you!

The Male Pixie Cut

It might sound funny but looks absolutely stunning. A classic and easier way to make peace with a small cut. The short crop can be styled brilliantly. Use any spray or wax to hold it firm at its place. It makes your hair look voluminous.


Too long hair? Make a ponytail. Mid-length cut? Make a ponytail.

After all, this style is so easy to create, seems pretty practical, and most importantly fashionable. But, first, you need to grow your hair to a minimum shoulder length that will require maximum effort, truly speaking.


Not a fan of a ponytail or don’t want to tie up your whole bunch of hair? This half-up hairstyle is for you to look unique and stylish. To get this style, the top half of hair can be tied up either into a ponytail or bun.

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