Top Trending Pink Hair Styles To Carry Glamour In 2022

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If you are planning to have a drastic makeover, then you need to get pink hair this year. Don’t worry. Even boys can have pink hair and will still look dope. This emerging trend of new hair color has simply impressed every person and if you have not given it a thought or need some inspo, look for the Hollywood mega celebs.

Whether it is scorching heat or chilly nights, pink hair dye can make you fall in love in a single glance. Stunning hues of pink can give a new dimension to your personality. Honestly speaking, it is a style that every idealistic girl wants to try. It might be one of the most noteworthy trends for hair color, but it worth a try, for sure.

Want to go bold? Choose neon. Want to go cool? Mix it with lighter shades. Oh, yes, you can go ombre, also. Or how about mermaid pink hair with pastel merge? Cotton candy or bubblegum? Highlights with darker shades? Well, the possibilities are endless. With pink, you can go as much romantic or daringly vibrant as you like. A perfect blend of beauty and versatility!

Pro tip: Match pink with your skin tone! If you have tan or dark skin, this attractive hue will do wonders. And the blondes or whites will look the prettiest in lighter, exclusively bright, or pastel shades of this whimsical yet stunning color.

Need some major pink hairstyle inspirations? Here we go…

Peach Pink Hair

The best way to get all pink without getting too loud is to get peach pink hair – a subtle shade that looks amazing with a delicate peachy touch. It seems to go well with all the natural hair colors. Peachy eye-catching strands falling like a waterfall give the fairy-tale vibes. It is absolutely an ethereal hair color to pick. Even peach highlights can never look edgy but all sweet.

Ripple Effect of Pastel Pink Color Highlights

The Ripple effect has been trending hair color since last year, and it looks magnificent. Having a pastel shade on can give you a sassy and elegant look at once. It is a better option for those who have long hair. The pale pink pastel beachy shade looks epic on natural brown hair. It just blends so well.

Ask your hairdresser to leave your roots natural and do a gentle peach under-toning at the end. But remember, it should always be a smooth transition, a blurry one.

Strawberry Dream

Yes, the creamy and dreamy hair color giving all the refreshing feels. Looking like candy, it goes too softly. Consider it a fantastic upgrade for light blonde hair color. It is not only pretty but equally unique. Belonging to a category of pastel pink hair hues, this is what you need for the summertime.

Pink Underneath Blonde Hair

Do you know what you can do to look adorable with a unique pink hair dye? Go for brown hair dyed blonde, revealing the pink underneath. After all, a darker shade below will pop up, giving your hair a lot of depth. This highlighted pink can be pastel or neon, electric, or candy! Every shade will bring out a stunning blend of color.

Red Pink Hair

Suppose you are one of those bold girls who like to make their presence striking need this hair because it is what they really need. Where pink is an adorable color, red is fierce, giving the best combo of being flashy and subtle. Personally, we advise you to get the blend in lighter shades but can go as dark or bright as you desire.

Be ready to turn all heads your way!

Dusty Pink Hair

Want to feel confident and elegant? How about changing your personality with a pop of pink – dusty pink! 

It will definitely bring a good-looking twist and look super chic in all hairstyles, types, and lengths. But, it will look overwhelmingly glamourous in ironed-out hair, giving a sleek perfection. Keep it sassy and dress for your big night in something bright or nude. It is somewhat similar to the lavender-pink but has lighter tones matched with a neutral brown base. A more excellent shade to try this summer.

Very Subtle Mauve Pink Color

Who likes mauve? Everyone!

And if you ever feel like going to the salon for a hair makeover, go for mauve—a highly cool-toned shade reflecting the lovely lilac shade. If you are a blondie, THIS IS FOR YOU! Flaunt your subdued mauve-colored hair to add some drama. Absolutely an adorable idea to start with pink hair.

Sweet Sherbert

As the name reflects, it is something that will signify your inner beauty. Imagining a silky, sleek, and straight colored in sherbet-inspired pink…takes our breath away!

You should try this color without delaying even for a second, as it will be like a cherry on top of your glamorous personality. Well, it will look equally vibrant. Once tried, you would never want to get rid of this heavenly peachy pink outlook.

Yellow and Pink Highlights

You must be thinking, we have gone crazy, but NO! it is a tremendous indulgent shade to try right away. After all, life is short to be so dull. A mix of radiant golden yellow and pink will give your hair a dimensional effect that is quite rare to see every day. We can say it comes with an unbelievable allure made to flatter every skin complexion.

Yes, it is TRICKY but worth the risk. It is about time to bring new energy. It will look good on shorter hair like a bob.

Dark Pink Hair

Afraid of pink hair color? No need! You would love how dark shade makes your hair look intriguing. 

Well, only try if you consider yourself daring enough because this dark tone can also give you an emo look. For the best glam up, try it on the long curly or wavy hair. Dark luscious pink will set off the curls on fire. Taking your hair to the next level, get ready to receive the compliments.

Cotton candy pink hair

These beautifully merged dull orange, light purple and yellow, soft blue and cotton candy pink hair is a cute style that can get you exciting with a lustrous glow. Blending all the pastel shades keeping the pop of pink in all to maintain the natural look sounds like a great idea. You would be shocked to know how such a variety of colors work brilliantly well together.  

Best ever multi-dimensional style giving each strand a new sass. To make it cooler, try emphasizing turquoise and purple with pink without changing the blond natural base.

Light Pink Hair

Consider the light pink hair synonym to the coolness of sunset. For the best look, go for braids. If it is your first transition, you must not go for the deep to keep it as minimalistic as possible. The girls with a fair complexion will look beyond gorgeous with this choice of hair color. It will blend into your personality seamlessly.

Black and Pink Hair

Want real fun? What else can be better than blending black and pink together to double your beauty? The best-suited hairstyle will be locks showing fascinating bright pink in between dark hair. It will work just like adding fire to the overall appearance. Don’t forget to show off your piecey haircut this year!

Bubblegum Pink Hair

One of the most dimensional colors, it is unquestionably a stunning pick for a pop look. This color will pull your whole look and form ribbons of visually appealing hues throughout. Better explained as soft yet bright contrasting hair, but there is one problem that it requires a lot of maintenance. Depending on your preference, both will look just fine: pastel bubblegum or neon bubblegum.

Reverse Pink Ombre Hair

It is that shade made in a flawless gradient that frames your face splendidly. It will give you the required tender-looking pink hair. Consider it a style that will let you go pink and also not full head pink. Starting with yummilicious silvery tones and ending the tips with edgy pink shade not only sounds but also looks dreamy enough to get the attention.

Pink and Blue Hair

Rainbow of two yummy colors, either pastels for a subtle touch or bright for a striking look or dark for a gothic look. If you keep the pink base, it will definitely create a fanciful panache. Another option is to bring the touch of both shades to your blond hair. These exotic colors are made to balance each other. In any case, they look cheerfully gorgeous when blended.

What other options you have that you must try are:

  • Hot burst Neon Pink Hair – For a bright look
  • Pink and exotic Orange Hair – Both colors tend to pop fantastically, giving a fiery mix.
  • Purple Pink Hair – The romantic lavender touch while having the eye-popping shade of pink
  • Fuchsia Hair Color – Daring balayage with a genuinely bold shade of pink for a festive touch
  • Gray Hair with Pink Tips – Brighten up the tips with some hot pink.

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