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Trending Styles for Pencil Skirt To Try in 2022

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Planning to buy a pencil skirt but think that it is old-fashioned? Well, it is neither out of style nor so typical. It is a stylish clothing piece that will always stay classic, will never get old, and brings the best sleek look with its variety of designs, fashionable cuts, and striking colors.

The pencil skirt is definitely one of the oldest manners that still has the brilliant way of pulling together your casual outfit making it a timeless elegance. Apart from elegance, it looks sexy as it keeps on flattering your body. They add up to your height making it a little extra. Being versatile, it will complement your whole look. In 2021, you can wear pencil skirts as your office staple or for making a glamour statement.

Are you in the search of iconic pencil skirts? Keep reading the blog!

Tie-Waist Pencil Skirt

Tie-waist is no more limited to trousers or gowns. Skirts with a pencil-like slim silhouette and tie-waist can switch up your classic look. The tie-waist can either be in contrast or the same color. It can simply be of cloth bow or with a metallic-finessed buckle. And, yes! They also come in button closure! Truly speaking, it is the best option. All ties are designed to embody a modish appearance.

For the office look, go for the elegant bow. For parties, having a pencil skirt with a big metallic buckle tie-waist can add a cherry on top. Such skirts can be paired with any top for an easy-going look.

Buttoned Pencil Skirt

Similar to tie-waist, the buttoned pencil skirt looks more stylish and chicer. Go monochromatic and make a full-blown statement. Or, go in contrast with neutral shades and bring the inside glamour out. Ideal for professional and personal meetings. And, an absolute loveable outfit to wear on a classy evening dine-out. It gives you a sleek and structured silhouette!

Imagine wearing a black skirt with gold buttons! Dreamy! Pair your skirts with cool boots, suede sneakers, or kitty heels. It will compliment all!

Denim Pencil Skirt

Denim is the new trend for life!

If you are fed up with jeans, it is time to go for denim pencil skirts that will look as hip as jeans. Giving you a put-together look, it plays brilliantly with casual pieces as well as formal pieces such as silk. This is the style that will deliver you the best of fashion worlds! Unquestionably, it is a must-have piece for this summertime. Well, it is all-season wear. Do not forget to carry your stylish skirt with a pair of eye-catching sneakers.

Classic Black Pencil Skirt

Black is a color that simply cannot be resisted. If you have the choice, you will always go for black. Tell us if we are wrong!

The same goes for skirts. Wearing a pencil skirt in black, either dark or faded, will make you stand out. It will offer you a great option of colors to pair it with. You can go all black or in contrast. Besides, black pencil skirts can be found in different clothing materials. It is safe to say “Black pencil skirt is the new glamourous fashion”. More versatile than any other, accentuating your body curves!

Plaid Pencil Skirt

Ideal for any time, any day look!

Once you think of wearing it, it will definitely hit you with nostalgia. Pencil skirts with a plaid sound somewhat similar to school days uniform, but it has found all-new life to its street-style style. It is much more than a typical, routine, casual, and staple attire. This skirt with brilliantly cut plaid is ready to take over your fashion wardrobe.

If you are an independent, working woman it is the best chic outfit to style. Try choosing playful colors that include pastel, pensive violets, wistful pinks, and whimsical blues. Oh yes, you can throw a mix of all the colors and be the one flaunting your style!

Linen Pencil Skirt

Going for a shopping spree? Don’t forget to buy yourself a Linen pencil skirt. Definitely made for a decent corporate approach, these are an epic option for scaling up your fashion game for this summer. In simple words, it is an airy and perfectly tailored cloth that will follow your body. Choosing to wear mules with a statement bag to give an ultimate fashion vibe sounds dreamy. If it is up to the knee length, try wearing a matching jacket.

Leather Pencil Skirt

Apart from cotton and linen, now comes another expensive-looking alternative. Yes, the leather pencil skirts. No other color can give you a sleeker look than a leather skirt regardless of the color. If you need to add a bit more fashion and have no worries about money, you better treat yourself with a crocodile texture skirt.

Time to get into a full-on fashion territory!

Floral Pencil Skirt

Wearing florals is always enjoyable, pretty, and fun! And, yes, sometimes giving all the flirty vibes. A great choice for a day-out lunch or a breakfast date. You need to complete your style with floral kitty heels, matching ankle boots, or sneakers. It will give you a look to remember. You can go as subtle as possible with light florals made of delicate fabrics. Whereas for a funky look, choose a neon color skirt. If you want to try a feminine look, it is your chance.

Knit Pencil Skirt

Best paired with dark sheer or lace tops, it is For a luxurious sophistication!

For those who don’t prefer any stiff fabric that makes them uncomfortable, it is soft, smooth, and flexible. and way more comfortable. It will stretch a bit, especially if there are side slits. It is designed to be worn daily with all the ease. It looks as posh as any other pencil skirt.

Sequin Pencil Skirt

For an evening-ready feel, the girl’s best friend is sequins, especially on skirts. Nothing can beat this up-to-date dazzling fashion statement. It will not bring glitz to your wardrobes but life. Once worn, you will feel like they are carefully curated for your body. To make sure this sparkling look sheens rather than blinds spectators, try keeping your top simple, accessories minimal, and shoes monochrome.

Ruched Pencil Skirt

A classic ruched pencil skirt will promptly raise your whole outlook and make you a diva. For a close-fitting, it looks like the best choice. Consider it the most modern styling for the pencil skirt! A high fashion trendsetter. Its rich colors can make this style more sizzling and classier enough for celebratory events. For tall women looking to flaunt their long legs, take that pencil skirt down to the ground!

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