UGG Blankets For Chilly Winters – A Shopping Guide

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Can there be winters where you don’t have to splurge money on blankets? Well, it can be this year. Because, now, you don’t have to worry about buying a Hermes blanket worth a four-figure price tag just to feel luxurious and comfortable. You have a perfect option of “UGG blankets – the comfiest blanket in the market” right in front of you. After the UGG slippers, here comes the UGG bedding range comprising UGG blankets in various appealing options.

The soft, super comfy feel with the durability of quality materials and eye-catchy minimalistic designs – UGG blankets are always an ideal fit for bedrooms!

They not only look vibrant but feel warm. It is time of the year to get all cozy inside these chic and timeless blankets. You can take one cuddly piece made with top-quality 100% polyester to your bedroom or to the couch. Every piece is marvelously warm but might feel different due to the material difference such as faux fur, sherpa, flannel, cotton, etc.

Are you also one of those who can’t bear the weight of hefty blankets? The UGG Preston can be a good pick as it feels like wearing a sweater. Another option is Duffield, similar to a microfiber making it incredibly soft. Let’s see what the major categories of the UGG blankets are!

UGG Throw Blanket

These blankets are exactly what you need to have a relaxing winter. You will find the collection durable enough to be used for several years. The prints are adorable, and the stitching is sturdy. They can easily be washed in machines. On the top of the list is “UGG Duffield Throw II.” Available in plenty of colors and imported quality, this resists staining well. It looks fantastic in dark and light shades, including calm waters, black bear heather, oatmeal heather, nightshade, and cream.

UGG Sherpa Throw blanket

A classic plush variation of throw blanket which will never make you feel like coming out of your bed. Buy them to enjoy an ultimate cuddle experience! You can have the blankets in any minimalist pattern supported with a decent lure and world-class polyester. The most favorite pick is the “UGG Bliss Sherpa throw blanket.” This is one fully reversible, oversized throw. You will surely be needing it for Netflix, and chill! Considering your room paint, you can shop the UG Sherpa blanket in Brown, Quartz, Deep Sage, Charcoal, Dusty Rose, etc.

UGG Fur Fuzzy Blanket

It is your new furry friend you need but don’t know yet. As the name indicates, it has an assortment of stylish blankets made with natural fur. These two-sided blankets have fuzzy fur on one and plush flannel on the other side. Moreover, these are extremely easy to care for. One simply cannot resist admiring the beautiful colors of flannel. The UGG Euphoria is the most popular one.

UGG Preston Sweater Knit Blanket

As we mentioned earlier, the Preston collection is meant for those who like staying cozy but cannot carry heavy blankets all night long. They feel nice and look pretty. Honestly speaking, they make a perfect home décor. Especially the oversized one with the tassels is high-rated. Their cute pattern will give you a homey feel. It is found in calming colors such as Seal, Eucalyptus, Snow, Sassafras, Sequoia, etc.

How do you wash a UGG Blanket?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “how do you clean your UGG blankets?” Well, the answer is simple: they are all made machine-washable for your convenience. All you have to do is follow the instructions for washing. For instance, they must be set on a gentle cycle. And, the cold water should always be used. For drying, always use warm heat (NOT HOT!). The other alternative is tumble drying on the lowest setting. Air drying can be your best shot.

UGG’s Most Popular Home Essential

Do you plan on investing in a quality-made UGG blanket? Or do you have one already?

As snowy winters are around the corner, you must look into your options of UGG blankets. They are worth your money. We have penned down some of the best-selling picks for your ease. Keep reading!

The Duffield Throw II + Juana Knit Throw

Duffield Throw II

A flawless selection for your living space!

This Australian pick is one affordable and the warmest blanket with a velvety sheen. It is easy to keep and makes you feel super-comfy. Manufactured in natural soft hues, you will see a subtle UGG logo tag on its area measuring 50″ x 70″. It seems pretty big for snuggling with kids! It carries unique aesthetics while maintaining a luxurious feel. You will love its perfect thickness, seed stitching, and soothing texture.

UGG Firn Faux Throw Blanket

UGG Firn Faux Throw Blanket

An ultimate self-care gift you deserve to have!

Most Splurge-Worthy pick from UGG blankets measuring 70″ L x 50″ W. It weighs just accurate to offer ease on cold nights. The twist is in its design, where you get to enjoy a soft front with dark tips. And, yes, you can reverse it to a smooth micro mink fabric side when desired. Its silky-smooth faux fur offer elegance combined with softness like no other. On the downside, the UGG throw blanket is pretty expensive.

UGG Ana Knit Throw Blanket 

UGG Ana Knit Throw Blanket - Plush Oversized Reversible Accent Blanket - 50” x 70” - Mist

Thoughtfully sized blankets for taking long winter’s nap!

There is nothing better than cuddling up by the fireplace in this velvet-soft, oversized, plush reversible blanket. It has an authentic UGG label stamped on the corner. This 50″ x 70″ blanket lets you enjoy winter times in your comfort zone. It has plush on one and solid on the other side. The plush polyester never tends to rash the skin. Made in deep tones and textures, it will surely win your heart. Well, it will look beautiful with any furniture.

Erie Throw Blanket

Erie Throw

For enjoying the perfect warm cozy vibes!

Do you crave to snuggle up with your coffee or hot chocolate and favorite book in a blanket? Not a problem with this throw blanket. Offered in Acrylic, it has an ultra-plush design having a polyester filling. Irresistibly captivating! The Cable Knit technique is used, bringing an extra punch of style with comfort. Setting it on the side of your sofa or chair gives your furniture an exciting touch. You can wash it in a machine.

Buffalo Check Knit Throw

Buffalo Check Knit Throw

The blanket is designed for chilly winter nights!

A 100% Cotton throw blanket in a most liked “jumbo buffalo check pattern” reflects the highest craftsmanship. Simply having it in your bedding will help you create a fashion statement. It comes in a soft texture, Plain Weave technique, and the faux leather UGG® logo label. It tends to complement your décor perfectly.

UGG Bliss Sherpa Throw


A blanket that feels this lavish makes this choice unquestionably worth it!

With the proper use of premium materials, this UGG Sherpa blanket has raised the standards of comfort and luxury. This reversible blanket has sherpa on one and microfleece on the other side. Feel the pure comfort you have never experienced before with the plush material of this UGG fleece blanket. Cuddle up in this luxurious 50-by-70 inches throw 

UGG Whistler Throw Blanket

Whistler Throw Blanket

Deliciously cozy UGG throw blanket for any living space!

Measuring 50 x 70 inches, this 100% polyester gorgeous blanket owns its fluffy and silky-smooth texture. It has a delightful combination of 9 shades and luxurious material that will tempt you to pet your blanket. It is perfect for trapping heat to double the coziness. Moreover, this exquisitely constructed blanket is machine-washable and dryer-friendly.

Serene Reversible Striped Weighted Throw Blanket

UGG® Serene Reversible Striped 12 lb. Weighted Throw Blanket

Jump into the cozy world with this plush and comfortable UGG Weighted Blanket!

This blanket is unique as it is from the weighted blanket collection. Another reason for its preference is the evenly distributed weight to provide a snug feeling. It is crafted with soft-felt flannel. And if you want to enjoy a luxe look, flip it and get a faux rabbit fur side. A sophisticated striped design enhances the beauty. The filling is 100% polyester. It weighs around 12 lb.

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