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Ultimate Baby Chair Buying Guide for Parents

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Has your baby just started having solids? And you are worried about all the mess created in the feeding process? In parenting, you consider numerous items for your newborn baby, and a baby chair or high chair can be one of them.

 Feeding your babies on them will make your life easy by containing all the mess that comes along the way. 

A baby chair seat is convenient and offers safety, security, and comfort. It encourages babies to eat by themselves by positioning them in the proper position. 

Many of you may be thinking, at what age do babies use chairs? Well, it varies, but the recommended and agreed age to use a high chair for your baby is six months. 

Choosing the perfect chair for your baby can be a difficult job. Here we have come up with an ultimate baby chair buying guide to help you make the right choice. 

Here we go, 

Different Baby Chair Styles

Traditional High Chair

Traditional high chairs are big enough and should be considered if you have adequate space in your home. It usually comes with a padded seat, a removable food tray & basket, and cushions. As the name says, this specific model has not changed over the years and, most of the time cheaper than others. 

Folding High Chairs

Don’t have enough space? Folding high chairs is your stop. This model is more likely traditional chairs in appearance but has fold-up versions. These foldable high chairs allow you to adjust height and space when not used. It sometimes also comes along with booster seats. People also use folding chairs on their go & trips. 

Convertible High Chairs

Multipurpose or convertible high chairs have 2 in 1 functionality and serve as high chairs as well as boosters when your baby grows up. These chairs usually come in wooden and can be separated into units but are not foldable. 

Travel High Chairs

It is an ideal option for parents on their vacations or trips. Travel high chairs are available in fold-up versions with all security features due to harness style. They are available in booster seats, clip-on table chairs, fabric high chairs, and foldable chairs. Depending on the age, you can choose the right one. 

4 Questions to ask before buying a baby chair

1- For what age do you need a baby chair?

Before buying a baby chair, you must be clear for what age you need the chair. Almost at six months, the baby is ready to get a perfect high chair for him but, make sure he can sit properly. Primarily, the age limit is also written on baby chairs. 

2- Does it have all the necessary security features?

Look for the product that has all the required security features that include different harness points, a crotch strap to avoid slipping, an adjustable tray, and buckle straps. 

3- Do you need a chair that grows with your children?

If yes, then choose a chair that can grow with your toddler. Such baby chairs come with adjustable seats and footrests where your children can sit even in adulthood. 

4- How much available space do you have?

Undoubtedly, the most critical question to ask before investing your money. Choice of the chair depends on the available space in your home. 

5- Features to Consider before buying a baby high chair

  • Comfort

Whenever buying a baby high chair, always look for comfort factors to ensure it will be comfortable for your little one. It should be super comfy that the baby can easily sit there for a long time. Make sure it should have padded seats and a footrest to make the baby feel comfortable on the chair. 

  • Safety Features

Of all the features, Safety is the most important thing to consider. So, always look for safety features before buying a baby high chair. It should have a buckled seat and at least 4-5 harness points that can secure your little one. They should be secure enough to avoid any unwanted chair accidents. 

  • Versatility

Some features like a removable tray and adjustable seats are important to consider if you are planning to use them for a long time. Your high chair should be versatile enough that it should grow with your toddler to accommodate even when he is all grown up. Consider versatility another crucial feature while buying a high chair for your baby. 

  • Durability

When you are buying a chair and spending money on it, obviously you wish it to be long last for some years at least. There comes durability; your high chair should be durable and sturdy enough to withstand for 2-3 years and worth your investment. 

  • Cleanliness

The most important thing: Your baby chair should be easy to clean. A complex or greater number of unit assemblies may make it difficult to clean, while a simple unit assembly is easier to clean. So, when you are investing money in a baby chair, make sure it is easy to manage & clean, and its parts are easily washable while making comfort and security a priority. 

  • Size

Consider the available space in your home while buying a baby chair seat. If you have enough space in your kitchen or living, you should go with traditional high chairs that are of large sizes. Otherwise, consider buying foldable chairs as they can accommodate space. 

  • Functionality

Your baby chair should have all necessary functionality features like the detachable tray, wheels, crotch post, footrest, and multifunctionality ( chair + boosters) to accommodate your growing baby over all ages. There are different modern chairs available which you can adjust according to your requirements.

Important Tips to use Baby chairs

As parents, there are some crucial tips that you should remember while parenting your little one on baby chairs. They include 

Don’t let your children away from your eyes and supervise them when they are in a chair seat. 

Ensure all the security measures are taken by adjusting the harness. 

High Chairs are not a place to sleep, so never let your children sleep on it 

Avoid moving it when the baby is sitting on the chair. 

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