Veronica Berti – Quick Bio & All About her life and career

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Ever heard the name of a Hollywood celeb Veronica Berti? Or do you know who is the wife of a world-renowned singer Andrea Bocelli? It is the same person who is not only a talented producer but also an Italian actress. She has been married to another Italian artist Andrea Bocelli since 2014.

Veronica Berti is a 37 years old, ambitious and kind-hearted woman. She is appreciated for its starring in several Hollywood hit seasons. No matter how many times we discuss the fact of the 22 years gap present between her and her spouse, it will always be one of the strangest facts to ponder. Being CEO of Almud, she learnt many things. She has been tangled in several career-related controversies.

With dark brown hair and eye colour, she reflects true beauty. We can estimate her net worth to be almost $1 million. It is calculated depending on the assets and salary of 2019.

Early life

Not much is known about its early phase of life. We came to know that Veronica Berti was born in 1984 in Ancona, Italy. She has a family of white Caucasian ethnicity. Her parents are Ivano and Elena Berti. Brought up in Italy with her siblings, she holds Italian citizenship.

Education background

She was one of the smartest and talented students. She is still a quick learner and intelligent. Passing all grades in flying colours, she has gotten his high school diploma in science, which sounds brilliant. In honors, she graduated in Management of Performing Arts and Music. She completed her course at the Faculty of Arts And Philosophy.

Apparently, Veronica Berti has achieved every diploma, certification, and degree that makes her perfect for the industry.

Personal likes and dislikes

Favorite celebrity (male): Tom Cruise

Favorite celebrity (female): Jennifer Lopez

Dream holiday destination: Paris, France

Favorite colors: Blue and Black

Favorite food: Italian dishes

The most frequently asked question is “What Veronica Berti likes to do when free or needs a fresh breath”. So, the things she likes to do most are traveling, designing, and photography.

Professional work of line

It goes without saying, but she has starred in several hit movies. It let her make the straight path in the filming industry. Despite her amazing work, she has never been linked with any award nominations. Her best works include:

  • Andrea Bocelli Live from Florence – Documentary from 2016
  • Emigratis – 2016
  • Celebrity Fight Night in Italy – Documentary from 2018
  • Great Performances – TV series running since 1971

Apart from having an acting career, Veronica Berti has been serving as a co-founder/CEO of her husband’s currency management company named Almud. The company was established in 2006. Since that day, she has been brilliantly managing all the marketing concerns.


One of the  most attractive attributes of her identity is philanthropy. With her husband, she runs a foundation called the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. Veronica Berti has a warm personality with a pretty heart. She has the ambitions to help people overpower their barriers. Those barriers could be disability or poverty.

They are not solely focused on their singular company but also actively involved in other charitable works. The launch of the Voices of Haiti in association with the Foundations St. Luc has been their most acknowledged step. As far as other successful initiatives are concerned, the “Mobile Clinic Project” must be on the list.

Social life

Compared to other celebrities, she is found highly active and completely engaged on her social media accounts. With a massive number of followers, she has been running Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts successfully.

Married life

Married to Andrea Bocelli in 2014, Veronica Berti is living a stable and happy life. They seem to be unquestionably in love. Veronica Berti shares a strong connection with her family. Their story tells how age is just a number and love is eternal! Once in an interview, they confessed how their huge age gap has never influenced their marital status. And as proof, you can see them living a contented life!

Their love story started in 2002, where they met at a party. Veronica Berti was so young, only 18 years old, to understand the love. But Andrea was sure that he wanted this woman in his life for FOREVER! They had a sudden bloom of romance but dated for years. And finally got married at a dreamy wedding destination! Veronica Berti’s wedding was arranged at the Sanctuary of Montenero. It is situated in Livorno, Italy.

She is blessed with a daughter named Virginia Bocelli. From the family front, being a mother of a beautiful daughter is not what she is only. She is also taking care of two sons (Matteo and Amos). They are from Bocelli’s previous marriage. With her behaviour, we guarantee that she is a caring stepmother.

Presently, she is living an exotic life in Miami. She lives with her family in an artistic house. Their unique house is inspired by a colonial contemporary style.

What Veronica Berti says about Andrea Bocelli?

Veronica Berti believes he is not only smart and intelligent but a real hero of her life. He has been teaching her and helping her with everything at every step of her life. Being a calm person, he never argues. Being kind, she helps her in her charities.

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