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How to Make Long Eggs

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It goes without saying, but the egg is one of the most protein-rich foods that can be cooked in a variety of styles. Besides, eggs are part of every cuisine making food highly delicious and nutritious. Depending on the dish, you can choose whether you want the yolk hard, or a bit liquid.

Typically, eggs are either poached or hard-boiled. Unquestionably, hard-boiled eggs are an ideal source of nourishment. You can take them in your picnic baskets or usually see them being served at buffets. But how much egg can make you feel excited or wanting to enjoy the meal?

Before jumping to the point where we are going to tell you one of the oldest yet unique ways of eating and serving a boiled egg, we need to know how you can boil the egg perfectly!

How long to boil an egg?

Truly speaking, if you are imagining you will boil the egg perfectly on the first try, you are misguided because to master the art to get yourself the perfect hard-boiled egg is a bit tricky. How long does it take to boil an egg totally depends on the type of egg you want.

Three of the most frequently asked questions are “How long an egg should be boiled? Is there any need to place the eggs in cold water before boiling? AND Should eggs be placed in cold water afterward”. Well, read the answers below to get the answers.


  • Take a pot with a lid and fill it with cold water
  • Fully submerge the eggs in the cold water (add if you need more)
  • Add a pinch of baking soda
  • Place the pot over heat (high)
  • Once the water reaches a rolling boil status, take it off the stove
  • Leave the eggs in the hot water-filled pot covered with a lid for:
    • 3-5 minutes for SOFT boiled
    • 6-8 minutes for MEDIUM boiled
    • 12-15 minutes for HARD boiled
  • Once you have achieved the desired doneness, take out the cooked eggs and submerge them in a bowl of ice water
  • Let the eggs get cooled completely and then peel the skin off

What are Long eggs?

We cannot limit the creativity to make eggs as they can be boiled, poached, scrambled, fried and the list continues. Now you know how to make a perfectly boiled egg, let’s move to the recipe about an egg that is something you never knew, or we can say you didn’t want. So, what is it? It is a long egg. An egg in a shape of a long tube that is hard-boiled and is sliceable.

Well, wait! Haven’t you ever seen hard-boiled eggs packaged in a long cookie dough tube? It is one of the endless possibilities to cook eggs. Seemingly, people have enjoyed making long eggs for 44 years.

Long eggs are not laid by any strange animal or bird but made with a help of equipment similar to the tool used for manufacturing sausages. Although it sounds weird, it creates long eggs by removing cooked egg yolks, placing them inside a long tube, and then wrapping them up with egg whites. In simple words, it will appear as a cylindrical log of hard boiled egg. Tubular, circular, and slender with yellow Centre (yolk) and white outside (egg whites).

How can we use long eggs?

The most fascinating part is its design that lets you slice evenly cooked egg in slices. Uniformly sliced eggs are best used for:

  • Dressing the salads
  • Garnishing the breakfast

Apart from home use, cafeteria salad bars use them to give a tempting look. It is mainly used in a Gala Pie. For the ones who do not know what gala pie is, it is an elongated baked pork pie, cut into slices for picnics. For the first time, it will definitely simply confuse the guests.

Do you want to create your long egg?

If you want to try cooking a long egg, you are welcomed to watch video tutorials available on YouTube. But, no matter how many videos you will watch, more or less they will be following a similar rubric. The only difference you see will be in the garnishing or marinating paste and spices.


  • Take large whole eggs
  • Separate the egg whites and yolks into two different bowls
  • Whisk them separately (with a whisker or a beater)
  • Put the pot filled with water and let it boil
  • While the water boils, take a tubular glass
  • Brush oil on the inside of the long, tubular glass to make the egg scoot easily
  • Submerge the oiled glass inside boiling water
  • Place an elongated lean glass or any tool in the center of the oiled glass making a hole
  • Pour whisked whites outside lining the hole
  • Once the whites are cooked
  • Remove the central glass
  • Pour the yolks inside the orifice made
  • Wait for the yolks to cook
  • Remove from stove

Slice and Serve these small, uniform decorations of the boiled egg!

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