What are the best 8 picks for a Tea Towel

Have a tea towel in your kitchen? If no, then you must buy it right away. And, yes, even though their use dates back to the old age of the 18th century, with their usefulness and gorgeously-crafted material, tea towels absolutely make for a brilliant addition to your kitchen.

For those, who do not know what is a tea towel is a piece of hand-sized soft cloth that could be made of any fabric used in kitchens and homes typically for cleaning, washing, and drying the dishes.

Nifty hacks to use tea towels

Do you think a towel has only the use for dishes? Think again! 

They are so amazingly versatile that you can use them for a wide range of tasks, either inside or outside the kitchen. Some most common uses to make your dining, home, and hosting attractive are:

  • As a napkin for guests
  • As a placemat to avoid the mess
  • Wrap around a candle as a holder
  • Use for keeping baked goods or as a cute Bread Bundle
  • Make a small pillow for the outside use
  • As an effective hot pad
  • For saving vegetables as tucking them in a tea towel will keep them crispy and fresh

Why should you keep a tea towel?

Now the question is WHY you need them? Because:

  • It brings a beautiful old classic touch to the table
  • The fabric used is generally eco-friendly
  • Can be gifted as a personalized tea towel fabric showing a meaningful sentiment
  • Uplift the table design by complimenting your dishware
  • By placing them inside kitchen cabinets, they will absorb extra water from the dishware

Best-Selling Tea Towels You Can Buy from Amazon

Kitchen Dish Towels Set of 12-Tea Towels 

100% soft-felt and environment-friendly


New (16) from $89.82

  • Super soft
  • Fabric is highly absorbent
  • Lint-free
  • Designed in a generous size
  • Eco-friendly material

It is an ideal choice for daily use. For convenience, it is machine washable. The build offers durability, too. we can say there’s no substitute for their world-class quality that is not only suitable for homes but hotel use. Use it for drying dishes, and cleaning spills. And, it makes a wonderful lovely gift for a loved one.

Rose Garden 

100% cotton and hand painted

Maison d’ Hermine


  • Soft to touch
  • Stylish
  • Vibrant watercolors

Absorbent fabric makes it a desirable choice. Can be used as a decorative accent! It brings dynamic blooming vibes to your kitchen and table. You can machine wash it only in warm water but try washing it separately and never use bleach. Due to its functionality, this carefully hand-painted tea towel is an ideal choice for drying cookware, glassware, machinery, dishes, utensils, and other kitchen items. 

Top tea towels to buy for kitchen use

Textile kitchen towels

Versatility and feasibility



  • High-quality cotton-made tea towel
  • Ability to absorb quickly
  • vibrant tones
  • Easy care
  • 6 unique artwork variations

Need something to handle big messes? It would be safe to say these will be a great pick as its material lets water wick along its surface. Use it for hard scrubbing for cleaning surfaces as well as for gentle drying of the washed dishware.

Once used, wash them in a machine with cold water and they will dry beautifully looking all fresh and new.

Gray Albany 4 Piece Striped Assorted Linens Set

Heat Resistant and non-abrasive



  • Splendid absorption threshold
  • Lightweight
  • Quick Drying
  • Multi-purpose
  • Heat Resistant

These are machine-washable tea towels that can be used for washing, cleaning, or drying your cookware. All four are styled in appropriate tea towel size. But the fabric differs as two are made with cotton to make it a moisture-wicking feature and the remaining two are made of cotton-polyester combination to help you clean the dishware. Due to its versatile use, we had to enlist this set. Besides, the reviewers had nothing but great things to say about it. The design adds a pop of simplicity yet polished accent.

All Purpose Pantry Towels

Dual fabric side design

Williams Sonoma


  • High moisture-absorbing quality
  • Convenient loop
  • Reasonably priced
  • Long-lasting quality
  • Versatile use

Do you know what makes this Williams Sonoma tea towel best? The design of the towel has a dual fabric side design. One side has a terry cloth and a waffle weave on the other side. It means, they perform different jobs pretty well.

Both sides are soft to let you clean and wash your expensive cookware gently. In simple words, it blends absorbency, utility, and attractiveness! The colors are guaranteed solid that never fades after a wash.

Towels Kitchen Bar Mops

Luxury cotton washcloths



  • Top-class moisture-absorbing property
  • Tough stitching with hemmed edges
  • 100% ring spun cotton
  • Largely sized
  • Fast-drying ability

Moving to one of the top-selling tea towel brands, Utopia has affordable cloth towels that are definitely not stylish and cute like others, but they’ll get the job done with its durable fabric. They tackle large to small spills with ease without leaving any smears and clean up the messes efficiently. These kitchen tea towels can be machined washed for easy care.

No matter how much use you get out of these tea towels, you won’t see any unraveling or wearing for years to come. 

Microfiber Kitchen Towels

Extra absorbent flannel



  • Super small fibers that never sheds
  • Lightweight
  • Striped attractive design
  • Ultra-soft

You can count on having these microfibre tea towels as they won’t unravel over time. They are a perfect option if you are looking to have a good clean-up without worrying about your wallet being cleaned out. It is considered superior for guaranteed cleaning. 

Once you are done with cleaning, you would see no streaks, stains, or lint left behind. It will last years of use even if it is used constantly. 

Dish Cloth Set 

Stylish looks with a chic multi-line weave

Gracie Oaks


  • No lint
  • Scratch-free
  • Quick-drying
  • Ultra-soft % cotton

Engineered to absorb a lot of liquid, it gives your kitchen a graceful touch. The basic property that makes it a favorite pick is being safe on hard surfaces. The texture is kept strong to offer fast cleaning and efficient drying. Regardless of the number of washes, it looks new.

Remember, it is machine washable. Moreover, it will suit your budget and look great in your kitchen space.

What else can you use it for? As a convenient hand towel and a perfect gift!