What Do You Need To Know About Blondo Boots? – Reviews And A Guide

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Are you in need of durable boots that must not only fit you right but are made for all seasons? Well, four-season footwear must be water-proof, or else there is no use to spend tons of money. But, you can end your search with Blondo Boots. Yes, this is your solution to buy premium, durable, long-lasting, and best quality water-proof boots, shoes, and booties for men and women. One store where you can find all types of footwear you need!

Blondo has been making incredible boots that are designed to fit your size, providing comfort on all levels. Yes, every item is made true to size. No matter which pair of boots you choose, it will look absolutely decent and stylish. They carry a nice styling giving the edgier touch along with enough sophistication. If you start shopping once, you won’t be able to stop. You will certainly be tempted to buy more pairs.

The best way to explain the Blondo boots is – Perfect fit, durability, waterproof, classically stylish, and well stitched.

Are you planning to hang out with friends? Going out for dinner? Need to attend any party or celebration? This boot looks equally great with all sorts of dressing. You can wear them with a skirt, dresses, or denim. Giving a sleek look, the boots perfectly curve your calf.

First introduced in the 1980s, Blondo decided to keep the 100 years old Canadian heritage. Since the start, they have been fulfilling every person’s needs of water-proof leather, suede, and velvet boots and booties. Stylish enough to become your new favorite go-to. Till now, Blond boots have never disappointed in styling, quality, or functionality.

It is your time to amp up your fashion by adding this cold-weather footwear that is creative in its design. Delivering perfectly balanced panache coupled with function, it is becoming the leading waterproof boot company.

Why should you buy from Blondo?

We understand the concern as everyone loves shopping but will always want to spend money on a thing that will be used for the years to come. If we talk about Blondo boots, we can count on numerous facts that make this brand most favorable. The primary reasons to buy these boots are mentioned below.


The primary feature that will entice you to make an instant purchase and you must buy is the AquaProtect® seal. This seal guarantees that no matter how much your boots are exposed to water, the material will stay as new as the first day. Every piece is carefully curated with not only top-quality but also waterproof leather and synthetic materials.

Due to the use of such materials, superior protection is provided, and you don’t need to be worried about water infiltration. Blondo waterproof boots are the best option for everyone who works outside.


While purchasing any boot, you must look for the ease of wearing apart from fashion. And, Blondo boots are accentuated with the rubber outsole enhancing your flexibility and relaxation. And, yes, it makes your boots non-slip.

Where the quality is maintained and a shield against water is provided, the comfort it delivers cannot be ignored. The soft and smooth cushioned footbed seems highly valuable for comfy foot support.


You must be thinking that such expensive boots will demand high maintenance and pricey service, but that’s not true. Whether it is made of leather, suede, or leather, all it needs is a little bit of care. Even synthetic materials are easy to maintain. For cleaning the dust and dirt, stains and mud, take a damp cloth and wipe!


Every footwear must have a “good insulation”, or else you will be all trapped in the cold. In Blondo boots, the Thinsulate™ is incorporated that comprises innovative microfibers perfect for trapping the air letting the body reflect the natural heat twice as much as other insulating fibers. And yes, it has the additional capacity to absorb lesser water letting its insulation system work even in wet conditions.

Product categories

Men’s Waterproof Boots & Shoes

Fashion is not only for women, and Blondo makes sure to provide modish boots and shoes to men to flaunt their style. Bringing a wide range of waterproof boots, Blondo’s every item reflects sophistication and durability. Blondo boots men’s are incredibly functional. Their collection of Blondo boots seems to impress every other person.

From the classic oxfords and stylish nubucks to the fashionable chukkas, you can take your personality to another level with these waterproof boots. Seamless construction complements its refined and sleek style. Best for short traveling, these perfectly fit shoes are a must-have.

Are you planning to go out in the rainy or snowy season? Yes, these Blondo boots can be the best pick you can have! No more worries about ruining the high-quality leather or suede. Pair up with any outfit, style, and color!

Women’s Waterproof Boots 

Coming to their second category, they also have a fabulous collection for women to offer. Each pair of waterproof Blondo boots seems to be perfectly made to bring confidence and glamour. Regardless of the material, suede, and leather, both deliver complete protection against rain, snow, and muddy puddles. You can wear them all day long without feeling tired or having any foot aches. Walk with comfort!

Need long boots? Ankle boots? With heels? Without heels? They have something for everyone that can flawlessly complement your outfit of the day. Even heels are made in a variety offering arch support, but one thing is constant: RELIABILITY. So versatile for all travelers!

Women’s Waterproof Booties

Which pair of shoes can be most comfortable? The answer is one: BOOTIES! Well, it is not all about comfort but also style. You can find them in several elegant colors and trendy designs that appear easy to mix and match. You can find fashion-forward styles in their fabulous collection. Look stylish, no matter the weather!

If you are afraid of heels, you can buy their ankle booties that offer improved stability even when you are walking on the cobblestones. The flexible sole gets combined with its sturdiness brilliantly. Consider these waterproof booties classic footwear that can be worn anywhere and anytime. Create a timeless and easy-going look with Blondo booties.

Best-selling products

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  • KAREN 
  • KAMIE 
  • VANCE 
  • SASSY 
  • SILAS 
  • LEVI 

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