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What Is 3B Hair? and Best 3B Hair Products To Use In 2022

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People are born with different types of hair. We don’t get to choose the type but what we can do is that we can maintain our natural hair and make it look flawless just by following a simple hair-care routine. Speaking of which, today we are going to talk about the type 3B that’s a mix of corkscrew curls and waves. If you have 3B hair, consider yourself lucky because there are people who literally pay for expensive treatments just to make their hair look wavy and curly. 

Just like any other hair type, your hair needs moisture to stay alive and to look fresh. Although you won’t require as much moisture as the type 4 people need, as your hair has this coarse texture, you’ll have to use some high-quality products to maintain them. 

When looking for 3B curly hair products, you’ll come across several brands and hundreds of different creams and moisturizers. It’s great to have so much variety but things can get a little overwhelming for you when you’ll have to narrow down to two or three options. 

To help you with this process, today we are going to jot down some of the best 3B hair products that can really make a difference for you. 

DevaCurl SuperCream Coconut Curl Styler

The DevaCurl SuperCream is a multitasking styling cream for 3B hair. It’s basically the best moisturizing cream in the market as it consists of coconut oil. Coconut oil is famous for controlling the frizz of your hair and it also helps in defining your curls making them look all smooth and fresh. You can use this cream on wet hair, damp or even dry hair, just the way you want. To seal the moisture, it’s best if you use this cream after washing and conditioning. 


  • It’s a vegan product 
  • Gluten free 


  • Can feel a little heavy on the hair sometimes. 

Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La

The Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La cream has some real-time moisture-boosting humectants that can help you tame your hair without any hassle. The ingredients used in this cream will make a huge difference in your 3B hair when used properly. From shea butter to olive oil and soybean oil, this cream has everything to keep your curls right in shape and hydrated all the time. Moreover, you can use this cream to style your hair as it will hold your style for longer. 


  • Makes it easier for you to manage your hair 
  • Can hold a style for a long time 


  • Doesn’t blend with other styling products 

Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream

The Cantu Shea Butter leave-in conditioning cream is quite useful for people with 3b hair texture. If you have natural permed, colored, and chemically treated hair then you must consider buying this repair cream as it can offer some real-time damage control. Not just for moisture, in fact, you can expect this cream to prevent hair damage, hair fall, and hair loss all at the same time. 

If you want better and quicker results, you should leave the cream on your hair overnight and use a hair cap to keep it covered. Wash it the next day and see the results for yourself. 


  • Helps provide deep conditioning 
  • Prevents hair damage 
  • Gives you the right moisturized, smooth hair 


  • Turns flaky when mixed with hair oil 

Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Shampoo

For the 3B hair type, you should choose this Design Essentials Shampoo as it’s sulfate-free. The wrong shampoo, especially the one with sulfate can make your hair look all dry and frizzy. Now if you have the 3B hair type, you clearly aren’t a fan of friz which is why we have this Almond and Avocado shampoo for you to make things look perfect for your hair. For your 3b  natural hair it’s the best because this shampoo won’t strip away the natural oils off your scalp.

On top of everything, the ingredients in this shampoo can make your hair extremely smooth and soft which means you won’t have to struggle for hours, trying to detangle each strand. This shampoo is a must-have for anyone with a 3b hair type! 


  • Sulfate Free 
  • Makes your hair extremely smooth and soft 


  • Feels a little heavy on the hair  

TRESemmé Bouncy Curl Defining Gel

TRESemmé is a popular brand all around the globe and it goes without saying that they have the best, high-quality products in the entire hair-care industry. For 3B hair people, they have this amazing Bouncy curl-defining gel that can even be used on your 3b hair extensions. It’s specifically there to make your curls look fresh and healthy, thanks to the keratin amino acids inside. 

Usually, when people use hair gels, they get this crunchy texture that’s quite irritating. But call it a magic gel or what but with the TRESemmé Bouncy Curl Defining Gel your hair will have just the right moveable hold you need without adding any crunchiness. In other words, if you really want the best value for your money, we’d suggest you try this gel right away. 


  • You get silky hair 
  • Pleasant fragrance 


  • Packaging isn’t up to the mark

Final Word 

These are some of the best 3b hair products that you must consider buying to make your hair look healthy and silky. However, along with these products, you have to follow a good hair-care routine. Without a routine, these products won’t work for you. Not just this but no matter what your hair type is, you should always eat nutritious food to grow them stronger. It’s not just the outside products that matter for your hair, in fact, what you eat affects your hair equally. 

So follow a healthy diet where you are giving all the vitamins and nutrients your hair needs and invest your money in high-quality hair products to keep them all moisturized and well maintained. 

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