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What Is Lash Lift And Tint? All You Need To Know Before Trying

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No doubt, eyebrows are the essential part and should always be neatly shaped and tidy. But what else can make your face look attractive or particularly eyes? If you think it is eye color, you are highly mistaken. The answer is EYELASHES. Having perfectly shaped, accurately trimmed, tinted, curled, or straight eyelashes will definitely enhance your beauty. But that can be time taking, no? Well, now the solution is available – lash lift or called keratin lash lift with the choice of lash tinting.

Suppose you woke up late, and now you are left with no time for working on your eye, eyebrow, and eyelash shaping… it’s going to be a bad day! But wait. Now imagine waking up to already trimmed, perfectly curled lashes. You would love it. One coat of mascara, and you are ready. It is possible with eyelash lifts and tints, an hour treatment that will work magically on your natural lashes to give a refreshing cramped look. It yields a “do-nothing, still-look-great” outcome.

While a lash lift and tint are subtle, it makes a big difference!

Lash lift is made to give you voluminous-looking lashes without using a lash curler, mascara primer, and falsies. Because of their unlimited perks, lash lifts have taken the beauty world in the swirl. It gives a quick make-over to your eyelashes without making them look overwhelmingly fake. It retains the natural finesse.

Bonus: Every lash lift is made different. It doesn’t follow the rule of “one-size-fits-all.” Because eyelashes are created in various lengths, sizes, patterns, and cuts. The bending of the eyelashes against gravity is a critical procedure that could yield diverse results depending on multiple factors.

What Is A Lash Lift?

Before jumping to the definition of lash lift, you must remember, lash lift is entirely different from lash extension. They are not even interchangeable terms. The lash extension will give your eyelashes an extra flair for sure, but it might give you an artificial look. There will be a significant glam up if you get a lash lift without making your eyelashes look dramatic but softer and more natural. A lash lift is somewhat an extensive process that needs to be done carefully for professional results.

The secret to an iconic eyelash lift? A carefully formulated chemical solution.

Lash lift, also called “lash perm,” is a beauty procedure to give your eyelashes a semi-permanent lift and curl that will ultimately lift your natural lashes. It makes your eyes look wider, brighter, and bigger and lashes lengthier, sleek, and perfectly trimmed with a pop of curl. In short, it shapes and curls your lashes. If you like using a lash curler to curl your naturally straightened lashes, it is time to get a lash lift. It will keep you safe from repetitively using a curler damaging your natural lashes.

For those who ask if it is painful, it is not! The process doesn’t hurt at all. But yes, it can get uncomfortable enough to make your eyes tear a bit. The procedure lasts approximately an hour.

So, What Can You Expect During This Treatment?

  1. The first step is to place the silicone shields/pads on the eyelids with the help of skin-friendly, non-toxic, and gentle adhesive. The purpose of the pads is to give your eyelashes a place to land where they will absorb a curling solution and react accordingly.
  2. Now, it’s time to apply the serums. Once the pads are set, lashes are stretched a bit and lifted. First, the serum is applied to break the lashes’ protein as it makes your job easier. Mold the lashes in the shape you want (curl) and leave the serum to set for a maximum of 15 minutes. You can leave it for more time if the lashes are not curled yet.
  3. Moving on to the next solution, the keratin-infused fixing serum is used. It is a setting lotion that initiates the restoring process by conditioning the lashes. It gives your curls a fortification and finesse so they last longer and locks in the newly lifted curl.
  4. That is all if you want only lash lift. But if you wish to lash tint as well, the process is continued. The tint of the desired shade is applied, and then the pads are removed. It is then “lash lift and tint.”
  5. The final step is the last coat of pure keratin – an extra layer of protein. It is purposely applied to strengthen the lashes.

How Long Does A Lash Lift and Tint Last?

One of the most frequently asked questions is, “how long will your lashes stay curled?”

Well, no matter how top-quality lash lift procedure you get, it will generally last for as long as eight weeks. The time can be minimized to 6 weeks if not taken proper care of. It also relies on your growth cycle. But after eight months, you would need a new lash lift.

Maintenance Tips

All you have to be worried about is the initial 48 hours. They are crucial and need to be spent carefully if you want your eye lash lift to last longer and retain its curled and uplifted style. If you have successfully spent your two days, be ready to get some stunning results. 

  • Avoid water OR Skip showers or baths
  • Use no mascara
  • Avoid sweating
  • Brush lashes every morning and evening
  • Say no to heavy exercising
  • Don’t forget to apply a lash serum after combing your lashes
  • Use good quality coconut oil

How Much Is It For Lash Lifts?

The price is different for lash lift depending on the salon you go, and how extensive treatment you are getting. But you don’t have to worry. Usually, the treatment is pretty affordable, especially when compared to lash extensions. It typically costs somewhere between $100 – $120 for every session.

Bonus: Always look for a licensed lash artist

What Are The Risks Of A Lash Lift? 

It goes without saying, but every beauty treatment has its perks and downsides. Lash lifting also has a tiny chance to go wrong.

  • An allergic reaction can happen to any serum or solution, causing mild to severe eye irritation
  • Over-curled lashes giving a dramatic flair
  • An inexperienced technician can damage your natural lashes or fails to give a proper curly look
  • Carelessness in aftercare leading to critical damage as it is a bit tricky part
  • Losing your lashes due to any reason
  • Lashes get brittle or get into irreparable loss

What Do Your Eyes Look Like With A Lash Lift?

The answer is “pretty damn good!”

They look super natural and equally fashionable, giving fresh mascara length and an alluring curl. Give a stroke of mascara if you want, or else dress up and go. If taken proper care of, it never gives a bizarre clumpy, smudgy effect after mascara. It is always the “WIN-WIN” situation.

You can see yourself in these lash lift before and after pics:



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