What Is Olive Skin: Understanding the Basics

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Skin tones 

We all know how tricky it can get when you start talking about skin tones. Half of the people are totally unaware of their exact skin tone and a half has very little information that is near to NOTHING. One of the most uncommon skin tones that seem new to most people is “Olive skin tone” as it comes with a unique shade.

Well, there is so much to know and discuss skin tones that cannot be done in a single blog. But let’s start with explaining with one of the most complicated skin tones to understand that it is olive. If you are also confusing olive tone with tan, then you are not the only one. You will be amazed to see how small the difference is between tones but in reality, they matter a lot.

You must be thinking, why we need to understand the basics of skin tone. but the real question is why not? Knowing your skin tone will help you choose makeup effortlessly. Besides, you can choose the best skin treatment, expect the skin problems and get to their solutions.

Olive skin tone 

Moving on to today’s main question, what is olive skin color? 

If you think it is somewhat near the complexion of bronze, you are highly mistaken. Depending majorly on the skin undertone, the olive tone has a variety of shades. For instance, if you have a light olive tone, the skin hues will go from cream to beige. On the contrary, the person with dark olive tones looks typically brown.  

This skin tone can be explained dermatologically but let’s stick to the simpler words that explain the olive skin tone as:

“A marvelously balanced combination of green tints with neutral pigments”

What makes olive skin special? The natural green pigmentation is visible to the naked eye. In certain cases, such pigmentation will appear gray or ashen instead of green due to the mixing of red and yellow tints. The most typical undertones include light brown, dark and pale.

Which ethnicity have olive skin tone in common?

The black tone is generally related to the African ethnicity and fair tone with British or America, with whom do you think the olive skin complexion relates?

Well, no one has gotten a specific answer because people known to have olive skin color are scattered all over the globe. You can spot them in the Mediterranean, Latin America, the Indian subcontinent, and Middle Eastern countries like Egypt, Yemen, and Kuwait, and at any corner of the world.

Ways to check olive skin Undertone

Ranging from neutral to warm undertones, the specialty is the greenish casting. There is one point you should always keep in mind: The cooler the undertone is, the lighter the skin color will be. Some common tests that you can perform easily to check what undertone you have are:

The cream vs. white test

Match your skin tone with clothes. If it matches with white, the undertone is warm and if it goes with cream, the undertone is cool. Surprisingly, if both compliments your skin, then you have a neutral undertone.

The vein test

Do your veins look green? The skin undertone is warm. Or do they look blue? Because then it is cool. Having both shades of veins means it is neutral.

The sun test

How would you know if your skin tone is warm? If your skin is tanned instantly. And if it gets burned first, you have a cool undertone.

Olive Skin Problems

On one hand, having olive skin is luck because it gives a special glow that you cannot even get from the makeup. On the other hand, due to its uniqueness, people face a variety of skin problems, majorly:

  • Oily skin giving a greasy look
  • Skin discoloration seems to be extremely problematic
  • Getting tanned quickly
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Acne and pimples

Olive skincare tips

  • Follow the cleansing routine (cleanse twice a day)
  • Do not forget to apply an anti-oxidant serum (should be vitamin C rich)
  • Always keep sunscreen with yourself
  • Use chemical-free and neutral cosmetics for facial hair removal
  • Keep your skin moisturized and using aloe Vera gel seems safe
  • Use a Blackhead mask monthly to remove blackheads.
  • Do not overdo or under do any skin product

How to choose the best makeup for olive skin

Do you have an olive skin tone? You must feel lucky to be unique and beautiful enough to get a real shiny, glowy skin. But wait, do not get so overwhelmed. Although it is a pretty and eye-freshening one, it still needs makeup to have a quick makeover. And, finding the ideal makeup for your skin and tone can be really daunting.

Picking the Right Foundation

First, you do not need a concealer so let’s jump to the foundation options. As we know, it forms the base of your makeup, it must be the right shade.

You can start trying cool-toned- foundations instead of purely neutral-toned as it will give no EXTRA look. Consider it a slam-dunk! But, the best recommendation is to have foundations with a tad of gold warming up your green undertone. Light golden color or warm foundation will only look good if you are having an olive undertone

Best suitable Eyeshadow 

As short and simple as we can explain, NEVER go for vibrantly bright shades for instance purple, green, blue, etc. We appreciate you experimenting with different tones but the shades that will give the most amazing look are “Gold” and “Bronze”. They will lit up your personality, like no else.

Top Lipstick shades

Truly speaking, the girls with olive skin tone can wear any lipstick from shiny gloss to dry matte. As far as the color is concerned, most of the makeup artists have voted that the “nude” and “Purple” shades are the worst options to choose. Look for the guide below:

  • Dark shades such as caramel or coffee are the best pick for light olive skin
  • Try taupe for dark olive skin
  • Bright shades such as Orange, coral, and red look ideal for lighter skin tones 
  • Wearing peach and magenta with dark olive skin looks cool

Highlighter, bronzer, and Contouring

Always keep your bronzer light or else, it would give artificial or plasticky looks. The best options to pick for are:

  • Light brown
  • Golden
  • Copper

Blushes shades to compliment your skin

Being a neutral skin color, the best-opted blushes for olive skin are pink or peach. If you need an edgy appearance, give yourself a bronze tint touch. Another option is to apply mauve.

Best hair color 

  • Dirty blonde
  • Auburn
  • Strawberry brown
  • Gray Blonde
  • Ombre
  • Caramel 
  • Light Brown
  • Mocha

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