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What Makes Toshiba Microwaves The Best?

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Toshiba is one of Japan’s most established and biggest makers of industrial electric and electronic items. Toshiba is an easily recognized name in electronic apparatuses even in the United States, and their items are known to be of very high quality. Toshiba has gained notoriety for reliability with regards to electronics, and its microwaves are also one of the best. 

With style and an amazing curb appeal, these models are well-known choices for modern kitchens, incorporating those with stainless steel apparatuses. Toshiba’s microwaves have something more than just great looks, however. They are manufactured with an assortment of settings, modes, and timers to cover all of your reheating and cooking requirements. 

Some even accompany advanced highlights like quiet mode, smart sensor, and forte settings for foods and refreshments. 

In case you’re pondering which Toshiba microwave has a place in your kitchen, continue reading our article to find out key features of Toshiba microwave ovens. In addition, we will review two of our favorites. 

Features of Toshiba microwaves

These features are standard on almost all Toshiba microwaves.

OneTouch EasySet buttons

When you see the control panel on a Toshiba microwave, you’ll see that a few numbers on the pad are in brackets. These buttons have extra preprogrammed settings to heat food at maximum power for a set measure of time, consequently disposing of extra tinkering with timers and settings. 

Generally, the buttons are set to 30-and 60-second augmentations.

Power settings

The power settings allude to how high you run the microwave to heat or cook your food. Some Toshiba microwaves have around ten settings. All things considered, in case you’ve never utilized more than one setting on a microwave, it merits figuring out how to boost your heating option with the different power modes. 

Digital display

Each Toshiba microwave has a smooth, easy-to-understand control panel and digital display with blue or green digits. Contingent upon the model, the digital display may likewise demonstrate power, heating status, or cooking mode. 

Programmed menu

If you are a creature of habit, you will appreciate utilizing the preprogrammed menu on a Toshiba microwave. These buttons have preset recipes that set the power and timer settings to reheat or cook usual food items like pizza, drinks, potatoes, or popcorn. 

They are easy to find on the control panel, as well, in light of the fact that each setting feature is assigned by a little symbol. 


There is no compelling reason to save your old turntable or put resources into another one on the grounds that your Toshiba microwave accompanies its own. 

The turntable, which estimates somewhat more than 10 inches in breadth, is made of finished glass to make cleaning simple. You’ll track down these high-level highlights on selected Toshiba microwaves. 

Quiet mode

If you try not to utilize the microwave while others are asleep, have confidence that some Toshiba microwave ovens accompany a quiet mode. With the press of a button or two, you can dispose of any loud alerts, buzzes, and beeps. 

Smart Sensor

Some foods are more difficult to cook or reheat than others, and hence, numerous buyers avoid microwaves as an alternative. Toshiba microwaves outfitted with smart sensor technology cook foods effectively. Instead of simply heating what’s on the turntable, the microwave picks the fitting power and cooking time dependent on levels of humidity. 

Microwave/convection combo oven

Toshiba has several models that combine microwave and convection ovens. With these ovens, you will be able to bake, cook and roast your food. A few models in this class additionally have a warming-hold function, in which you can keep your food warm while you make or serve different dishes.

Toshiba Microwave Reviews

Toshiba makes one of the best microwave ovens with some amazing features. Now we will audit two of its famous models to help you choose the one that suits your requirements.


Cook and reheat your food faster at lower wattage!


  • Sleek design
  • Large digital display
  • Easy-to-grip door handle 
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Includes LED light
  • One-touch start function
  • 10 power levels
  • 1100 Watts of power
  • Quick-cooking
  • Quick reheating
  • Large capacity 
  • Good for large meals
  • Quiet mode
  • Inverter technology

The Toshiba EM131A5C-BS is an awesome microwave that fits all of your cooking requirements. With this microwave, cooking will no longer be a long, tedious process. It is very convenient for preparing large meals because its turntable has a diameter of 12.1 inches. If you are not a fan of its beeping, it has a quiet mode, so you can simply turn it on. It works on inverter technology to cook food properly. It also regulates energy consumption. 

In addition, it comes with up to 10 power settings for you to choose from. If you love speed, then you will appreciate the one-touch start function that this Toshiba microwave accompanies. It includes an easy-to-grip door handle. 

With the large digital display and sleek design, there is no doubt that this stainless steel Toshiba microwave is a perfect addition to a countertop. Inside this great microwave, you have a LED light that lights your food and a glass turntable. It is easy to clean, and the microwave’s black stainless steel exterior doesn’t catch fingerprints. This gives it a clean look all the time.


Solid performance and compact design at a low and affordable price!


  • Compact size
  • Fit nicely
  • Child safety lock
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Interior LED light
  • Large digital display
  • 900 watts of power
  • Easy to use
  • Solid cooking job
  • Solid heating job
  • Inverter technology (InverTech)
  • Necessary settings at hand

This Toshiba microwave oven does a remarkable job of cooking or reheating any everyday meal you place in it. Its performance is accompanied by its inverter technology, also known as InverTech. Its maximum power is 900 watts. This microwave model of Toshiba is relatively compact in design. It is an excellent fit for a small apartment or dorm room. In case you are planning to place one in your home, there is a child safety lock. 

This will make sure that curious hands don’t become too adventurous. It has a compact yet stylish design. It has a nice stainless steel exterior, including an interior LED light. It is easy to use and is not like other microwaves. It provides all the important settings at hand. Additionally, it comes along with a large digital display.


Toshiba microwaves are worthy as they are an amazing workhorse for daily use. Their microwaves usually cook food quickly and evenly. There will be rare days when you will have a meal that did not even have cooking. 

That too can be fixed by a little extra time in the microwave. All their microwaves are stylish, easy to use, easy to clean, and the perfect kitchen partner.  

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