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What You Need To Know Before You Get A Watercolor Tattoo

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Painterly tattoos are not something new in the market, and it is not unusual to look at someone inked with a masterpiece like Water Lilies, fox, birds or Starry Night, or even The Scream. Choosing a theme always makes the tattoos more fascinating!

We can say these newly trending watercolor-styled tattoos are the upcoming or the new kid on the tattoo block. With the use of no black to no outlines, depending on your preference, this style of tattooing is overwhelmingly competing for the conventional tattoo wisdom to make some utterly amazing, beautiful images.

What makes a watercolor tattoo different? 

The question is “How can we define watercolor tattoos?”. One of the major differentiating factors is that it depends on steady color shading and subtle shifts rather than on simple inking. Where other styles of tattooing use deep color saturation of color and black outlines. The outcome is gorgeous. Simply, a unique masterpiece of artistic work!

To make appealing watercolor tattoos, artists use various methods that are preferably not frequently used in any of the famous tattooing styles. It will take years to master this skill. That is what makes it impressive! Designs ranging from minimal splatters and smears of color to complete copies of well-known paintings, that are undeniably extraordinary. Besides, who doesn’t want to get an eye-catching touch to his or her body!

This tattooing style is usually chosen for its imitation of the freeform and the amount of effort used in ensuring the delicate quality of the actual painting. And that can be decided as one of the reasons for choosing watercolor tattoos as they make you stand out with their unique artwork leaving a long-lasting impression. It is intended to assert strong, bold, and dark lines.

About Tattoo artists

If we compare the styling and method of watercolor tattoos with others convention styles, we can conclude that it is absolutely new. And that is the reason to choose an expert, skilled, and smart tattoo artist. Otherwise, you will regret getting a tattoo! Most of the artists lack such enhanced experience as it differs from the typical American tattooing styles.

We advise you to thoroughly research beforehand and make sure the tattoo artist you are going to is completely familiar with all the techniques, risks, and precautions of watercolor tattoos. Apart from being aware, he or she needs to have an extensive level of practice inking on bodies!

How does an artist play an important role? In simple words, the more experienced your artist, the more likely your tattoo will last, looks attractive and clean, the procedure will be painless and no extra time will be required.

Meaning of the Watercolor Tattoo

Do you know why people prefer getting a watercolor tattoo other than finding it attractive? Because it helps people portray images or symbols that mean something important, that represents their values, attached with their emotions, and showcase their lives or past. The meaning behind getting a tattoo can be diverse! But typically, it depicts and conveys a special message. Let’s take an example from some of the famous tattoos.

Butterflies are especially popular, as they represent lifespan, optimism, metamorphosis, and rebirth. Consider it a symbol of hope! If you have witnessed a butterfly tattoo with a semicolon unifying into one image, it means the person is or a supporter of a side survivor(s). Most people get abstract art in watercolor tattooing. But what does it mean? Brushes and splatters of color are painted to fetch the attention of others regarding any specific feeling, thought, or it can be even an opinion.

Bonus: You will see most of the abstract watercolor tattoos having a clear, hopeful, and colorful rainbow infused with ink splatters, always remember it shows support for LGBT rights.

Types of Watercolor Tattoos

Watercolor Tattoos without a Black Base

Visually, it seems completely lacking dark outlining or linework. No essence of black let you enjoy a detailed watercolor-like appearance. It feels like the color is melting right in your skin, in front of your eyes giving a creative look. Such tattoos are usually based on filmy shading making the edges fading and unclear, impossible to distinguish.

Watercolor Tattoos with a Black Base

The tattoos with a darker shade, the black base shows the element of outlining, linework giving a background, back-layered shadow. Colors are stacked and design is created on top of it afterward with the splashing and inking. It usually fills in the spaces and lines.

Major drawbacks of getting a watercolor tattoo

  • Quick fading due to lack of deep color saturation
  • Having no clear or darker and bold linework, touch-ups will be extremely tough
  • It is risky as not so skilled artists that have mastered the art of watercolor tattooing

Tips to keep your watercolor tattoos safe and long last

Say no to Sunlight

The most essential part is to keep your watercolor tattoo safe from the sunshine to preserve it from the fading impacts caused by UV rays. It is advised:

  • To keep your tattoo covered
  • Try staying under the shade
  • · Use high-strength sunscreen of SPF 30+ having zinc oxide

Friction is your Enemy

No matter what age you are getting a watercolor tattoo, always remember to choose a perfect place and by perfect we mean a spot that is not involved in a lot of daily life work. Rubbing causes the skin cells to slough off, fading off the ink. You must keep your skin safe from getting chaffed or rubbed.

The most susceptible spots to rubbing are the tops of the feet, buttocks, wrists, and thighs.

Keep Your Skin moisturized

Focus on the health of the skin where you have your watercolor tattoo. Every spot with a new body art needs guaranteed health to offer you a better chance of healing. The best practice is to moisturize your skin liberally. It will prevent the skin from sagging and keeps it soft and elastic. Moreover:

  • Do not prefer the use of soaps particularly which includes harsh chemicals.
  • Do not apply any cleanser
  • Never scrub the tattoo
  • No skin exfoliating
  • No use of abrasive surface

Tattoo ideas

The trending watercolor tattoo ideas are:

  • Watercolor flower tattoo
  • Watercolor rose tattoo
  • Watercolor fox tattoo
  • Watercolor tree tattoo
  • Watercolor cat tattoo
  • Watercolor owl tattoo

Following are the given pictures that you will surely find cool and trending. So, guys don’t forget to try out these cool ideas.


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