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Which Of The 9 Lip Shapes Do You Have? How To Make Them Look Better With Makeup?

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You’ll all agree on the fact that lips are the most beautiful part of your face. The best thing about them is that everyone has unique and different lip shapes. Some have patterns on their lips and some have wrinkles that look good. It’s different for everyone and no matter what the shape is, lips are always desirable. 

To be exact, there are 9 different types of lip shapes and today we’ll be discussing them all in detail. Some people have a combination of two or three different lip shapes. Some have thin lips then there are people with one thin lip and the second one is a little bigger, some have pouty lips and some have heart-shaped ones. But what’s sure about them is that they are all unique in their own way. 

What’s best is that you can always opt for different makeup techniques to make your lips appear more desirable than they are. However, before you get into those professional makeup tips, it’s important to learn about the different types of lip shapes. 

Top Heavy Lips 

Just what the name implies, in this type, your upper lip is a little heavier or fuller than the lower one. To enhance this shape and make it appear more appealing, you can use a liner to outline your lips. Or if you want to make your upper lip a little smoother then of course, a little concealer or foundation can work wonders for you here. 

Bottom Heavy Lips 

Opposite of top-heavy lips, in this type, your lower lip is a little bigger or fuller than your upper lip. Again, the best makeup trick here is to use a foundation or a concealer, especially around your lower lip. You can conceal the parts that you don’t want to be “too visible” and then use a liner to make an outline and balance both the lips. 

Round Lips 

When it comes to round lips, both your upper and lower lip have equal width. It’s the same for female lip shapes and male lip shapes. Round lips appear a little pouty which is something people often want. If you want to add a little more plushiness to your round lips then you can just put a little lip gloss right in the center and then spread it around with your lips. 

On the other hand, if you want to elongate your lips then use a liner but in a very moderate way. 

Heart-Shaped Lips 

Whether it’s a heart-shaped face structure or heart shaped lips, both are quite desirable and they look beautiful. A sharper bottom lip and a bow up upper lip together make a heart shape. In this case, you need to try makeup hacks that can highlight the heart shape, and here a highlighter can really come in handy. 

All you have to do is to apply a little bit of highlighter on the top of your upper lip and it would look really good! 

Bow Shaped Lips 

Among different lip shapes, the bow shaped lips are considered more beautiful because they appear perfectly proportioned. In this shape, your lower lip doesn’t have a defined shape like heart shaped lips. But you can use the same makeup hack here and use a little highlighter or some lip color to smudge the V. 

Wide Lips 

Just what the name tells, wide lips are longer but they don’t have the kind of fullness that round or other lip shapes have. People with wide lips usually want to add a little pout. This is where you can use some lip gloss, lip color, or a highlighter right at the center of your lips. This will bring more attention to your lips and they’ll appear fuller. 

Thin Lips 

Thin lips are great but they need a little more makeup than other different types of lip shapes. To accentuate your thin lips, you should try using lip liner. Just use a lip liner to overline your lips so that they appear a little bigger and better. Just make sure to use the lip liner in a way that it connects with the natural lip line that you have. If you want to create an illusion of volume, use a little highlighter in the center. 

Full Lips 

Everyone has his own definition of “full lips” but in general, if your lips are equally full then you fall in this category. Here, you have a natural pout so if you want it to look more highlighted then use a little gloss in the center of your lips and then dab it a little to spread it around. 

Downturned Lips 

This type of lip shape is a little unique. In this case, your lips have a little downturn, especially at the corners. This happens when your lower lip is smaller than your upper lip. Here you can use a darker shade of some lip color to hide those corners and make your bottom lip look a little bigger. 

Final Word 

These are some common different lip shapes that you need to know about. Now just like what we said earlier, it’s not necessary that you have a specific lip shape mentioned in the list, in fact, your lips can be a mixture of downturned lips and wider lips. It’s just that we all have unique lips and if you want to make your lips look more desirable then some makeup hacks can work wonders for you here. 

Mainly your lip gloss and your lip liner is what matters. If used right, they can create the perfect look that you want especially when it comes to your lips. 

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