Who is Gina Kimmel? All you need to know

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Gina Maddy of the USA or famously called Gina Kimmel, as she is the ex-wife of Jimmy Kimmel, is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and gifted costume designers. If you are also a fashion geek or always found yourself talking about the celebs who have fashion, style, and design sticking to their fingernails, it would not be wrong to say that designers like Gina Kimmel will be counted as a rare jewel. Upon judging, we are sure to have a long list of her extraordinary creations contributing to the haute couture.

She is a multi talented person with a personality of gold. She is smart, pretty, intelligent, and hard-working. She is an independent woman! She gained fame not only in the fashion industry but also in the Hollywood film industry. She is a good performer/actor. Being tall of about 5 feet 8 inches, Gina Kimmel is a gorgeous woman with blue eyes and shiny brown hair.

Early life

Born on December 13, 1964, Gina Kimmel spent her early childhood in Illinois. Basically, she was born in a small but beautiful village named Hoffman Estates. She had a memorable upbringing with siblings there. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and we can say she has all the good qualities of a Sagittarian. Being a citizen of the USA, she is of white-American ethnicity.

This 55-years old woman likes to spend her private life. That is why very little is known about her childhood, adulthood, and family background. One thing is sure: she was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth. She has had her life struggles since early life but her sacrifices and hard work have definitely paid off.

Coming to her academic background, she is highly educated. She graduated from Northern Illinois University in 1985. And, yes, she took a course at Arizona State University in Journalism and Communications. It goes without saying, but she graduated in high colors. No more information is available about her education, but we guess that is enough to imagine how smart and academically bright she is!

What is her Net worth?

She is the mother of two, runs her business independently, and draws her income chiefly from costume designing. We all know that, but the question is “How rich is Gina Kimmel?”

As we said earlier, she likes to stay hidden from the eye of the media, not much about her income has been exposed. Based on the late 2018 sources, she is estimated to have a net worth of over $500,000. It is earned through her successful acting performances, fashion designing, and all other numerous endeavours.

Well, it might sound weird to you, but her net value has been significantly increased when she married Jimmy Kimmel with an estimated net worth of $35 million and even when she got divorced. Looking at her flourishing business and fruitful investments, it would not be wrong to imagine that her wealth will definitely upsurge. She is going to be RICHER in the coming years, for sure!

Being a Hollywood star

Before becoming a designer, Gina Kimmel was a professional actor. For her roles, she has received unlimited appreciation. Some of her famous works in the Hollywood film industry are:

  • The Man Show (1999)
  • Party Like the Rich and Famous (2012)
  • Party Like the Queen of France (2012)

She debuted in “The Man Show” where she portrayed the role with passion and enthusiasm. That is exactly the mark from where her journey to stardom began. If you don’t believe us, you can watch yourself, and we are sure you will find yourself praising her for such brilliant acting. She soon caught the eye of every producer with her performance as well as good looks.

After a gap of years, she took two more projects but as she said in her interview once “I felt like I am missing something from inside. I didn’t feel passionate about acting”. Although she found her means to Hollywood, she was always seen more aligned to the artistic side, particularly in the wardrobe section.

Professional Costume designer

As soon as Gina Kimmel realized her aspirations to be recognized as a designer, she decided to undertake freelance costume designing projects from the American film industry. Her past acting performances helped her much as she had her links and associations with influential people that she utilized to endorse her skills. She sustained her repute being an innovative designer in the fashion business incredibly.

Just to up the scale, she studied fashion at ‘Harper College’ in Palatine after she got divorced in 2003. With time, she started her brand of lingerie and nightwear funded by Kickstarter, the Brooklyn-based public-benefit corporation. Now she owns one of the most famous brands named ‘Maddy James Inc. Vintage Loungewear’. If you are curious WHY MADDY? Then you must know she named it after her father, James Maddy.

It is established in Chicago bringing a high-class collection of vintage nightgowns. If you are into old classics, you can buy yourself a perfect article stirred by the idea of fashion followed in the bygone eras of the 1920s to the 1960s. Her launched lingerie is not only elegant but also an affordable nightwear option.

To date, Gina Kimmel has kept up with her designing business. In recent years, she was seen working on a new project, and now we can expect a bigger bang. We can get the idea of her fame and popularity through her increasing Instagram fan base. Do not forget to visit @ginathetomato

Love life and relationships

Well, we don’t think Jimmy needs any introduction. But for those who don’t know, he is a well-known American television host of Jimmy Kimmel Live where he used to be applauded for his amazingly hilarious jokes.

While studying in Arizona, Gina Maddy got involved with Jimmy Kimmel, who is now her ex-husband. On a first date, they become friends. Gina was only 22 years old. I guess I’m too young to understand the meaning of true love. But, with time their love bloomed in university. Without delaying and wasting more time, they got married on June 25, 1998. It was a private wedding as they didn’t plan on getting all the eyes on them spoiling all the fun. They stayed married for 14 years, from 1988 to 2002. PRETTY LONG TIME!

They welcomed their first daughter in 1991 named Katherine Kimmel. With a gap of two years, they felt the happiness of their second child, who was a pretty boy. He named him Kevin Kimmel. But, who would have known what fate wanted! Their lovely story of romance ended on June 16, 2002, and got divorced in 2003. The reasons for such an unexpected separation are still unknown. It is known that they are sharing custody of their children, but they are not seen to be in good health.

Well, it might be shocking but also a good show to see her romantically involved with Chris Jones. You can check the glimpses of her new love story on her official Instagram. Chris Jones is also on Instagram with the name “Crazy Chicago Catman”. Refereeing by her appearances, Gina is living a good life.

Is she available on social media?

Back in early times when Gina Maddy Kimmel was not a famous designer, Gina had no presence on any of the social media platforms. Getting famous and not having an account to interact with people sound pretty bizarre! That’s when she ventured into setting up all media accounts.

Remember, she uses this platform only for business purposes. Or else, she is still keeping her personal life PERSONAL avoiding all the spotlight. Apart from Instagram, she runs a personal Facebook page where she has enough followers, too.

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