Who is Rose Schlossberg And What Do You Need To Know About Her?

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Who can really forget the Kennedy family?! The one who has a long list of fans that are fascinated with their wealth and lifestyle. Being one of the most royal dynasties to last, it is also pretty influential.

Talking about their family, how can we forget to mention Rose Kennedy Schlossberg. A well-appreciated American actress. She is the oldest child of Caroline Kennedy. But the real reason for which she got famous is its striking resemblance with her maternal grandmother First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Being a first-born grandchild of John F. Kennedy, she has a charming and strong personality.

She has a lot of leadership qualities. And that made him take a step in the Hollywood industry. She is known for her brilliant performance and polished personality. If you have heard about her writing skills, you have heard it absolutely right. She really needs to be appraised. If you don’t trust us, you better read “Time: The Kalief Browder Story” which she co-wrote for Spike TV.

As per the resources, she is living in LA where she is also working. Nothing significant about her life is known.

Childhood and Family background

Schlossberg was born on June 25, 1988, at Weill Cornell Medical Center. Her birthplace is NYC. Well, she had a classic and unforgettable childhood. After all, both of her parents are not only famous but highly professional and talented. Her father is Edwin Schlossberg, a famous designer. And her mother Caroline Kennedy needs no introduction. She is the oldest child of U.S President John F. Kennedy.

As she has explained in her interviews, she was brought with love and care, support and affection. She is the eldest of three children. Her sister Tatiana Celia Kennedy Schlossberg and brother John Bouvier Kennedy “Jack” Schlossberg loved her to bits and respected her so much. For those who are curious, she was actually named Rose Kennedy after her maternal great-grandmother.

One of the most interesting acts about her life is her multicultural background. She had a diverse childhood as her mother is a Catholic and her father is Jewish. Well, she is seen to observe the Jewish traditions and celebrate holy days, too. She is more catholic than Jewish. Talking about her descent, she has roots in Irish, French, Scottish, and English ancestry.

Most people already know about her close relationship with her uncle John F. Kennedy Jr. When he died back in 1999 in a plane crash, she was devastated and got trapped in depression. Her health was negatively influenced and sadness engulfed her senses. As her family said, she didn’t eat, speak, share, go out or sleep. All she did was crying and missing her uncle

What is Her Education?

She is not much of an old student. She was enrolled in the Brearley School in her early childhood days. It is situated in Manhattan (Upper East Side). She graduated in English studies from Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 2006. That was when she started developing an interest in acting. She changed the course of education and studied film courses. After a while, she started showing interest in the fashion industry.

She took a gap year and joined New York University from where she finally graduated in 2013. She holds a degree in the Master of Professional Studies.

Total net worth

One thing we can all agree on is that she is extremely wealthy. Well, being a famous figure involved in political agendas, one really cannot get hold of her total assets data. Although an honest figure of her wealth is not revealed till now, her total assets are possibly not very shabby.

She has matriarch potential

We all know the powerful position of Caroline Kennedy, but we don’t know if Rose being an appreciated confidant has helped her making grave decisions, always. From a very young age, Rose was valued as the leader of the pack. Yes, the leader! And to be called a leader, we can imagine how strong and impactful a personality she has. As her family said, she was born with a lot of queen potential. Her opinion counts!

What is she famous for?

In the media, she is recognized for her brilliance, smartness, and creativity that has made her work always a miracle. Some of her famous masterpieces include:

  1. End Times Girls Club
  2. TIME: The Kalief Browder Story (2017)
  3. Houses (2015)

Back in 2016, she got luckier and finally made a successful step that took her to new heights of fame. She co-launched “End Times Girls Club” with Mara Nelson-Greenberg. It is a comedy and end-time-apocalyptic web series released under Above Average Productions. She has portrayed the role of “Bee” , one of the two women who are the main roles. The role of another woman named Lara was portrayed by Nelson.

Since then, she has been applauded for her excellent comic performance. Releasing that web show was her first step to show her unparalleled skills. Considered an aspiring comedian, she is known to remain under the radar.

Political interests

If we see generally, we cannot see any particularly significant preference. She is known to give mixed political signals. Assuming she belongs to the political background, her so little interest in politics seems confusing or we can say odd.

For instance, in her education days, she never took part in campus politics. The only step or contribution she made was the donation she made to Barack Obama’s campaign worth $350. In 2008, she also volunteered for Democrat Alan Khazei’s campaign.

Quick facts

  • She got the name Rose Kennedy after her great-grandmother but it was not her mom Caroline but her grandma Jackie who picked the name
  • She usually likes to stay away from the limelight, but she does make a presence in 2017 alongside her family where she was a part of a tribute video for John F. Kennedy. It was released in the media for the president’s 100th birthday. 
  • Rose has a long list of celeb friends such as Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson. Besides, she is famous for having close acquaintances with famous personalities.

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