Who Is Sheldon Riley – A Quick Biography

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Sheldon Riley rose to fame being a Pop music performer after competing on The Voice Australia in 2018. That was the time when the world came to know about his talents, skills, and enjoyable personality. He became a Top 3 contestant and began to develop a huge fan base on his Instagram account. Whenever he sings, he reminds us that music is something to feel not only enjoy or listen to.

His music style has been depicted as “dark pop”. Once he started exposing his imaginative abilities, the whole world believed that he deserved to be known, to be appreciated and valued. He definitely has an amazing voice and steadfast stance helping him make his every performance mesmerizing. He has a highly active Instagram presence with a lot of followers making him pretty famous. You must check his YouTube page to enjoy some of his best-tuned covers.

With a Pisces zodiac sign, he possesses all the likeable qualities. Although he is short-heighted, he still looks physically fit. He knows how to carry his style.

But what other than singing is the reason for his popularity? His high fashion style has truly impressed millions of people around the globe. Apart from his vocal powerhouse, Sheldon Rileyis highly adored for his peculiar charisma. A perfect balance of edginess and quirk!

Where Is He From?

Sheldon Riley is a 21-years old famous Pop Singer. He was born on March 14, 1999, and his birthplace is Sydney, Australia. Riley is from Gold Coast, Australia. His father is of Filipino descent while his mother was born in Australia. His real-life name is Sheldon Hernandez but has chosen Sheldon Riley as an industry and stage name. His childhood was full of fun but also quite difficult. Sheldon has been seen appreciating his multi-cultural background. Sheldon was always proud of his Filipino heritage and culture.

“My biggest connection to my Filipino background is definitely the food. We had lots of Filipino parties, celebrations, and food. I love Filipino food so much, pancit and adobo and sinigang and all the food is amazing,” he laughs, adding, “But what is so special about being Filipino is the family aspect of it. Everyone is so together. It’s all about love and celebration.”

If we talk about his family, he is known to be the closest to his father. In multiple interviews, he has highlighted how he helped him get his life back, how he boosted his confidence, and inspired him to become what he wants even if the world stands against him. Well, it would not be wrong to say that we all need such supportive fathers.

Net Worth

Sheldon Riley net worth or net income is estimated to be between $1 Million – 5 Million dollars. Yes, you have heard it right! With such a huge fortune, he is probably on the list of the richest Hollywood celebs. He has gathered most of this wealth through working hard in his primary career, which is Pop Singer.

If we look into more details of his current work and performances, we are pretty sure that his wealth will increase in the coming years.

Struggles with bullying – Sexual orientation

We all know about his sexual orientation, and we can imagine how difficult it can get for anyone to face the bully in such matters.

Sheldon Riley also faced unlimited and unbearable bullying that made him depressed, angry, and anxious. This mental harassment made him lose his confidence. He had always fought with his sexual identity or simply explained it as a lack of masculinity. But after getting support from his family, he came out in 2015. He shared his struggles of being gay.

On a darker side, he did lose friends and relatives, ties, and other companions, but we guess they weren’t the real ones! On the brighter side, you can see trending using the hashtag #LittleRainbow on his all social media account.

Who is Sheldon Riley’s Boyfriend?

Currently, Sheldon is known to be in a relationship with Zachery Tomlinson. They have a pretty unique love set up as after watching Sheldon’s first performance on ‘The Voice,’ Zachery contacted him on his official Instagram. A SMART MOVE!

They realized pretty quickly that they are made for each other. They share an incredible bond and Sheldon Riley is on good terms with Zachery’s family, too. Both of them are enjoying their life happily and always pay gratitude to one another for being present.

Singing career

The son of an Aussie mother and a Filipino father, Riley amassed a following during his run on The Voice Australia in 2018, earning a spot in the final four. His distinct voice and style have even birthed a potentially new genre in music. And to think this well-defined characterization comes from someone who once came from a place of struggle, it will make you respect him more.

He started his career as a contestant of ‘The X Factor Australia in 2016. Unfortunately, as his skills were not that refined, he failed to go far in the competition well, it didn’t break his will and aim to become a successful artist one day.

Sheldon Riley worked hard on his vocals and refined his singing. Finally, he made a banging comeback in “The Voice – Australia” in 2018. When he set free his true personality, people were either shocked or impressed. Well, bad luck, he didn’t win the competition but he came in third place. He definitely left his mark making listeners his fan.

If you need some inspiration, you need to read his struggles as he is one of the most motivated people who simply cannot accept defeat. With his previous experiences, he worked on himself and competed again on “The All Stars” 2019 season. He got eliminated in the semifinals. A tragedy hit once again!

In Episode 1507, Sheldon Riley’s sung Billie Eilish’s “idontwannabeyouanymore” which allowed him to be rewarded with the Judge Cuts. Truly speaking, his outfit seemed more intriguing than his performance. If you don’t know, he had draping black feathers and a beaded mask on. In the quarterfinals, he chose Kylie Minogue’s “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” when he failed to get enough votes required to advance to the Semifinals.

Quick facts

  • Sheldon Riley designs his costumes
  • After becoming popular, Sheldon has launched his original songs and tuned covers, too
  • He is considered a true star for the LGBTQIA+ community as he has been presenting Australian Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with pride and confidence
  • A long list of big celebrities has been following him on Instagram such as Sam Smith and Adam Lambert

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