Who Is Vanessa Nadal & All About

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Who is Vanessa Nadal?

Venessa Adrian Nadal, also known as Vanessa Nadal is a lady who is none less than a wonder woman herself. Her work for cosmetic regulations is changing the aspect of the way we women shop for beauty products. Her passion and profound skills in her work made her start the exclusive course on cosmetic regulations at Fordham University.

Vanessa’s impressive work on breaking the bubble about the beauty myths and brought to the table the safer, clearer, and more precise face of the industry. She told us this and more in this year’s Badass Women issue of InStyle Magazine.

If we sum up, we can say, although Nadal is married to Lin-Manuel Miranda, the creator and Golden Globe-nominated star, she is as ‘non-stop’ as her partner. She proved how being a lawyer, scientist, engineer and even a kind-hearted mother of two can achieve her dreams!

Quick Bio

Vanessa is 38 years old and gorgeous as ever. Born on the 18th of august in 1982, she was born and raised in NYC, America. She and her family have white ethnicity and practice Christianity. Vanessa’s mother has Australian European ancestry. Her father Frank Nadal is known to be a respectful man. One thing we can all agree on is that she has all the leadership and powerful skills of an LEO!

Net worth

As for her profession as a lawyer and working for cosmetic regulations, she is making herself a good sum of money. Vanessa Nadal has her net worth of $1 million. Yes, whooping a million!


Belonging to the United States, Vanessa has her educational background from the renowned institutes there. A quick overview of the Vanessa Nadal education:

  • She completed her high school at Hunter college high school, where her beau also went for high school, but they never dated each other back then.
  • Vanessa did her graduation in Chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and later went to Fordham University school of law for her law degree in 2009.

Scientist, Chemical engineer, and Lawyer

During her period in university, Vanessa was an active apprentice in her domain. She was a research intern at MIT. Before that in 2001, she was a lab researcher at an Austrian academy of sciences. In 2003, she stepped in as an intern for the research and development department for the production of skincare technologies. Then, she worked for Johnson & Johnson from 2004-2007 as a scientist for developing anti-aging products and left the job in 2008.

Vanessa steered the wheel and changed her directions towards the field of the law. She worked as a lawyer at Jones day firm for 8 years; from 2009-2016. After leaving Jones, Nadal worked as a freelance consultant for 2 years.

Life with Lin

Wondering how it all started? How did “Hamilton” heartthrob and Vanessa hook up together? Well, let’s see what they have in their fairytale. As Vanessa and Lin went to the same high school, what a tragedy that they never dated each other until almost 10 years later when it was destined for them to meet. Miranda noticed on Vanessa’s Facebook profile her interests in hip-hop and salsa and used this information to invite her to his next fashion show. After that, the couple went down that lovey-dovey lane.

The two dated each other and decided to tie the knots shortly. The couple shared their vows in Staatsburg, New York on September 5th, 2010. The reception was absolutely dreamy, and we were in awe with the details of it, and we’ll let you all adore their wedding reception as well, so here we go. Broadway singers singing on the big day, a performance of “To Life” with all the bride’s family performing along as a surprise, a 22-piece orchestra playing on reception, Ruben Blades and Gilberto Santa Rosa giving their power pack performance on the wedding. What else can a person ask for?

How many children they have?

Nadal and Lin welcomed their firstborn nearly after 4 years of marriage, in November 2014; named him Sebastian. After 5 years of their first child, Nadal gave birth to Francisco, their second son, in February 2018. The couple is quite private when it comes to their family and kids, and that’s the reason they post very few pictures on Instagram and Twitter.

Miranda got a tattoo in his wife’s honor

Well, the caption had your attention, didn’t it? And why not! Who wouldn’t want to have a hubby who would get a tattoo for his wife even after 7 years of marriage? Lin got the “V” tattoo on his ring finger in 2017.

Of course, V is for Vanessa. Miranda took Twitter to express her love by saying that he got a permanent parking spot for “V” over the weekend. Aren’t they adorable?

What Nadal says

Nadal has her firm sayings on the misbranding of cosmetics, saying it is illegal and brands cannot falsely mislead the customers by deceptively endorsing the product which in reality is not what the brand claims.

According to her point of view, “Clean” is a complicated term that should be used to describe a product. And yet, companies use this term to label the brand to get away with the misbranding laws.

Nadal also shed light on the worsening effects of Arsenic and how this poison can cause havoc in a human body, destroying red blood cells, causing baldness, affecting the eyes, or in worst cases, can cause death.

Nadal skincare routine

During this pandemic time, as most of us are confined to the home, and we should too to be safe, Nadal shared with her fans the skincare routine she has been experimenting with as she has got plenty of time like us all during quarantine. InStyle magazine wrote all about her skincare routine for her fans and followers. The morning skincare routine had a vitamin C serum to brighten up her already glowing face, followed by a moisturizer if feeling dry. And for the night, she applies retinol products under a moisturizer. She also applies acid peel every once a month.  

Bottom line

Vanessa Nadal is currently working as a professor and co-founder of the very first law school that works on cosmetic regulation, the department that is one of its kind and having the very stern in its nature.

As for her personal life to be seen, she is seen to be a perfect mother and ever so amazing wife; celebrated a decade of their beautiful journey last September, and living her happy life with her partner and giving us all the couple goals to look up to.

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