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Why Should You Choose Short Curtains? A Detailed Shopping And Styling Guide

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Can you imagine your room without curtains? Absolutely not!

Whether long or short, Curtains have always been a vital accessory to décor your room, giving it a professional and formed look. Especially when we talk about covering the windows in the most fashionable style, the mind automatically diverts towards Black short curtains. They are available in stylish cuts and appealing designs. You can buy them in any material. There is no better option than the short curtains to enhance the elegance and add a pop of style to your basic room styling.

They can give an overwhelming but equally sophisticated touch to your rooms, kitchen, and washrooms. On the internet, you can find a detailed pictorial guide if you need some inspiration. Short window curtains are designed versatile enough to be used in any room, giving a high-class finesse look.

Apart from short curtains, if you feel the need of trying black curtains in your room, we are here to give you the tips. Moreover, we all are familiar with the advantages of blackout curtains, so you should give try benefitting from these, too. You can get some ideas from here!

Ways To Pull Off Short Bedroom Curtains

  • Choose the most suitable fabric
  • Take correct measurements of the window and room before finalizing the curtain length
  • Try pushing the Curtains to the Side rather than tying them back
  • Choose Two Curtain Panels 
  • Get the suitable print that looks compatible with other room décor and furniture

Modern and straightforward Short Curtain Designs 

Once you know all the options and versatility of short curtains, you can make the best out of your small corners and windows. After completing, you must start wondering, “WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT TRYING IT BEFORE?” 

By using minimal fabric, they are comparatively cheaper. Let’s see how you can style the short curtains and where you can style them.

Short Bedroom Curtains

Short curtains are the ultimate way of adding a dramatic and equally classic touch to your overall furniture for the bedrooms. When it comes to colors, black and white or any nude shades can never go wrong. You can have curtain strands in contrast, if not the fan of monochrome. Depending on the room’s interiors, especially paint, the unique color with attractive patterns such as flowers, stars, glittery moon, solar, autumny, etc. can go well. Short curtains for bedrooms give the room a new sense of style. The best fabrics to choose from:

  1. Cotton
  2. Brocade
  3. Polyester
  4. Linen
  5. Heavy silk

Short Curtain Styles for Living Room

the short curtains you buy for the bedroom cannot be used in the living room as windows size can be different. Besides, the paint, furniture, space, and decor matter. Curtains for the living room must be more professional, sophisticated, and preferably monochrome. The perfect option to go with is a dark-colored short living room curtain. It will block unnecessary sunlight. They will beautify the interior, giving a graceful appearance. 

If your room has a light-colored palette, you can go for bright-colored curtains. Try choosing casual prints or abstracts instead of flowers or moon, stars, or sky.

Short Bathroom Curtain Designs

Using a short curtain in the bathroom can be not only stylish but also beneficial. The bathroom always needs curtains but probably short, not full-length. Typically, the use of light aqua blue-colored or turquoise tinted short bathroom curtains is preferable. Always choose the color that goes hand in hand with the basin and shower areas.

It is short in length; they cover only half (below or top) of the window letting enough light enter into enough to brighten the space.

Short Kitchen Curtains

For the kitchen, try picking dark and vibrantly colored short window curtains with a funky print or more like kitchen-y print such as forks, knives, veggies, fruits, etc. Adding short curtains is a feasible way of increasing beauty. After all, it is a place where you will be spending nearly all day preparing delicious meals. Choosing simple white-colored curtains can get dirty. But the beautiful flowery patterns will give an aesthetically fresh feel. 

Short Blackout Curtains

Do you want to keep your curtains short but also want to get rid of extra sunlight? Now, you have a brilliant solution of coupling stylish short curtains with a blackout feature – a classic way of blocking sunlight. Short blackout curtains come manufactured with thick material not letting the sunlight pass through. These are best for bedrooms where you plan to spend lazy afternoons.

Short Sheer Curtains

We all know how women are always crazy about adding more and more style. How can you skip adding short sheer curtains to your interior? They can be an innovative and unique way to uphold the style while bringing maximum functionality. 

Made with lightweight see-through fabric, it does not block the light but definitely softens it to a considerable extent. Sheer short curtains can give your interior a layered window treatment in addition to a measure of privacy.

Short Linen Curtain Design

Linen short curtains are best for those who are looking to buy eco-friendly products. Although they are made stylish and practically feasible, linen curtains are also an economical solution to uplift your interior style. Along with adding comfort, it enhances the elegance. You would love how beautifully it drapes and tends to last years of use.

For living rooms, you can pick one or multiple colors in contrast. You must pick bright colors, making any room pop out.

Short Lace Curtains

Where sheer curtains add sophistication, lace short curtains add luxury – An excellent way to make your windows pop out with beauty! It will look best with a modern home where crustal decoration is found in abundance. They are usually made with cotton, polyester, or their combination to keep the delicacy alive.

You can go as subtle as possible with lace choosing nude, beige, peach, off-white shades. Or, you can go as vivid as you want with red, golden, orange, yellow, or black colors. But, remember, it needs extra care and maintenance.

Short Valance Curtains

When you are not in the mood to cover up the windows completely, choose short valance curtains. These short-length curtains are made to let you cover the uppermost area only. It plays a vital role in concealing the hardware and putting all the mess behind it. Feel free to use them alone or in combination with other curtains and even blinds. 

A decorative, classic, and elegant touch to the interior design! Honestly speaking, this design seems perfect for keeping privacy intact.

Short Beaded Curtains

You must have heard about beaded curtains, but these are not usually seen in houses. They are one of the most embellished types of short curtains. Their beads are arranged in timeless styles and patterns, giving a lustrous sheen, and can be used in several ways. Best suited for bedrooms, you can either use them as a home or window décor. And, yes, they look perfect for the archways. 

The standard material is crystal, used in engineering the eye-catching beads, giving beautiful and unique patterns on the room’s doors, windows and walls.

Short Floral Curtain Design

In designs, the most common and typically used pattern in curtains for the short window is FLORAL. Besides, who doesn’t like going all flowery? Short floral curtains bring vibrant vibes and add a splash of unique charm to your kitchen and room space. But, they also serve to cover the windows. The unique property of floral window curtains is their overwhelming delicate feminine touch.

Best Short Curtain To Buy

  1. Essential Blackout 54 Inch Long Grommet Curtain Panel
  2. Paramount Short Thermal Grommet Curtain Panel
  3. NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains 

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